NAD Education News: Fall 2016


This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Beyond Color by Elizabeth Harsany in Lake Union Herald
Finding herself in the minority for the first time after moving to the Detroit area, a white teacher shares her experiences of growth and acceptance. Read how a student unexpectedly broke the ice!

In Praise of Educators by Ednor A. P. Davison in Atlantic Union Gleaner
This story of appreciation will inspire you to go beyond the call of duty in order to see your students succeed.

This Is God’s War, These Are God’s Warriors by Scott Christiansen in Atlantic Union Gleaner
A rural school in Vermont was down to one family of students, with closure seemingly imminent. In this cover story, read how the students’ mother and their teacher worked together to find creative ways to fundraise and recruit.  Also provided is a list of five ways to help your own school succeed.

Having Nothing to Fear by MAUC Office of Education in Mid-America Outlook
“Why do we collectively spend millions of dollars on Adventist education?” Although parts of this article are specific to the Mid-America Union Conference, answers such as teacher competency and quality, unique curriculum, and spiritual climate are universally applicable. Article begins on page 14.

Part of the Circle by Becky St. Clair in Lake Union Herald
Coming from a non-Christian home, Xiara had no intention of attending an Adventist college. However, God had other plans! He used unusual circumstances to lead her to Antillean University in Peru, and eventually Andrews University. Read how joining a gymnastics team led Xiara to have a change of heart about Christianity.

Adventist Insurer Tells Churches and Schools Not to Overreact to “Pokémon Go” by Andrew McChesney in Lake Union Herald
Concerned about the risks associated with Pokémon Go players trespassing on your school’s property? These tips from Adventist Risk Management will help.

Together Time – Seven things every family should make time for by Claudio and Pamela Consuegra in Atlantic Union Gleaner
Great for sharing with your school family, this short article describes “seven kinds of together time every family should have:” spiritual growth time, communication time, mealtime, playtime, reading time, downtime, and service time.

A Time to Recommit by Trevor Schlisner in Atlantic Union Gleaner
Children’s spiritual education begins at home with their parents, and Adventist education exists to contribute to that work. In this article, a conference superintendent commits to helping children see God’s character, and requests prayer for revival and reformation.

Look for the Helpers by Susan E. Murray in Lake Union Herald
In a world full of sin and tragedy, how do we help children be hopeful and confident? Read this article for tips.

Adventist Teachers Incorporate Robots and QR Codes in the Classroom by Rachel Logan in Pacific Union Recorder
Looking for ideas on how to incorporate more technology in your classroom? A recent workshop in the Southern California Conference provided teachers with just that. Hear from the presenter, as well as teachers who are integrating the ideas. Article is on page 9.

School Improvement: How to achieve it? by Dennis Marshall, Canadian Adventist Teachers Network
Always a focus of principals, faculty, and school boards, school improvement depends on four factors: attitude, action steps, collaboration, and initiative.

People Matter by Heidi Morehouse, Canadian Adventist Teachers Network
During this busy time of year, take a moment to remember how important it is to be there for our students and their families.

Why I Want My Students to Fail by Danielle Rochford, Canadian Adventist Teachers Network
How can we encourage students to be creative thinkers, rather than fearing failure? How do we help them learn to problem solve instead of focusing on finding that one “right” process and answer the  teacher is looking for? The author suggests encouraging ownership, providing resources, and offering multiple attempts at learning as ways to help students be reflective, self-directed learners.


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