In Adventist News: April – June 2017

In Adventist News

This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

What Executive Functioning Can Do for you! by Anthea Rippin
From staying on task to forgetfulness to an argumentative spirit, executive dysfunction can present itself in a variety of ways. The author provides a list of general principles to help impacted students, as well as the rest of your class.

Parenting the “Othered” Child by Lionel Matthews
What is an “othered” child? One who, “because of his/her unique difference, …is denied the basic rights of respect and courtesies normally given to other children.” Although written for parents, this article’s suggestions on how to provide a safe place for all children to learn and develop also apply to teachers.

Helping Students Know God: Encounter Religion Curriculum by Nina Atcheson and Arne Nielsen
Are you eagerly waiting to try out the new NAD religion curriculum? Enjoy these comments from pilot teachers, as well as a description of the program.

God’s Army of Youth by Teresa Ferreira

Photo: Pexels

Looking for an outreach project? Discover one way a Canadian school uses their Move58 program, a movement of an “army of youth” based on Isaiah 58, to reach out to their community.

Prayers, Miracles and Generous Support Make Adventist Education Possible by Sarah McDugal
Although originating in California, these stories could be true of students and families around the world. Article begins on page 8.

Week of Prayer – An Adventist Education Tradition by Herman Aguilar
After speaking at his university’s recent Week of Prayer, the author explores the tradition. Article is on page 12.

Math with Mrs. Matiko by Joan Matiko
Looking for fun math ideas for your multi-grade classroom? Here are six great ideas to help your students enjoy math while covering content and staying organized.

Teaching a Message of Hope and Wholeness by the Southern Union Office of Education Team
Would you like your students to leave your classroom with a “message of hope and wholeness they can share”? So would the Southern Union Office of Education. Read how they plan to achieve this.

Small Schools Make Big Impacts by Glasmine Ellis
Some may fear opportunities at small schools are limited, but the opposite can be true. This teacher of a one-room school shares about the community outreach she involves her student in, as well as their commitment to Christ.

Need this Stuff? By April Cottreau
“How will I ever use this math in real life?” Rather than continue attempting to defend math yourself, read this teacher’s ingenuous way of turning the question back around to her students to answer for each other!

The Shift of Significance – Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Develop a Colour-Coded System to Facilitate Significance-Based Assessment for BC’s New Curriculum by Cody Mills
Struggling to assess using higher learning in a way that could transition to British Columbia’s new curriculum, the author put the power in his students’ hands by teaching them the basics of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The colour-based learning community he created allows students to decide what is significant.

Faith, Reason, & Earth History – A Paradigm of Earth and Biological Origins by Intelligent Design by Leonard Brand and Arthur Chadwick
Download for free the 3rd edition of this landmark work presenting Brand’s “continuing argument for constructive thinking about origins and earth history in the context of Scripture, showing readers how to analyze available scientific data and approach unsolved problems.”

Love is Spelled T-I-M-E by Jasmine Fraser
A poignant reminder of the most valuable gift parents can give to their children, this article is great for sharing with your students’ families.

The Case for Christian Education in a Boarding School Setting by Miguel Crespo
Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, this compelling argument in favor of Adventist boarding schools will give you something to think about.

Will You Trust Us? by V. Michelle Bernard
What can be done to connect the generations within our church communities? At a recent summit, “young adults discuss[ed] the generational gap bridge building ideas and why trusting the next generation is so hard.”


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