International Conference on Faith Integration at Babcock University


The second International Conference on Faith Integration is scheduled for September 17-21 at Babcock University in Nigeria. This Adventist education professional development event seeks to:

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–    Promote faith integration in learning and service in the personal and professional lives of participants.

–    Provide a platform for participants to showcase practical evidence of faith integration in their professional practices.

–    Provide a platform for sharing of ideas, research, and innovations on faith integration dimensions between and among participants.

–    Provide a platform for the formation of an international association or society for faith integration, with local/national/international/institutional/chapters.

The following presenters will discuss the theme Faith Integration in Professional Practices: Dr. Cephas Richard Narh (Central University, Ghana); Dr. Raquel Korniejczuk (Montemorelos University, México); Dr. William Green (AIIAS, Philippines); Dr. Rita Henriguez Green (AIIAS, Philippines); Dr. Adventor Mulbah Trye (AIIAS, Philippines); and Dr. Glynis Bradfield (Andrews University, United States). The keynote speaker is Dr. Larry Burton, professor of Education and Curriculum at Andrews University. Learn more here.

Please watch for blog posts from this conference on the Adventist Educators Blog in the next few months.


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