In Adventist News: July-September 2017

In Adventist News

This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

United for an Eternal Mission – Church and School Partnerships by Steve Vistaunet
Feeling like your school is a solo ministry? Now is the time to pray for ways to reconnect! “When churches, schools, pastors, teachers and parents work together on the gospel mission, amazing things can happen.”

Our Responsibility by Ellen G. White
“The responsibility resting upon parents, teachers, and church members, to do their part in co-operation with God, is greater than words can express.”

Communicating with Difficult People by Kumar Dixit
Do you have “EGR” (Extra Grace Required) people in your life? Read for tips on how to deal positively with the situation.

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15-Passenger Vans: What is the Danger? by David Fournier
If your school still utilizes a 15-passenger van, please read this summary of the extreme danger involved!

Using Social Media to Advance the Work by Stan Jensen
Although not specific to educational ministry, this brief article makes a good point to not shy away from using social media to reach people.

Sacrificing for Adventist Education by Tim and Sheila Deer
Sometimes commitment to Adventist Education means more than just a financial sacrifice. This family made the difficult, but worth it, decision to balance life between their farm and a new home close to the nearest Adventist school, 250km away.

Demystifying Myths about Adventist Education by Conrad L. Gill
Tucked in the middle of an article about a Southern Union Conference Adventist EDGE School of Excellence, this list addresses misunderstandings about curriculum, facilities and more.

New Project Integrates Technology into Small Adventist Grade Schools by Oksana Wetmore
Our Creator’s Space, a new NAD program in collaboration with Southern Adventist University’s Online Campus Department, will “integrate technology into small Seventh-day Adventist elementary school classrooms in the Division. The program’s primary goal is to provide science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) resources and lesson plans for multi-grade teachers in schools that don’t have dedicated technology.”

Preparing Today’s Students by LouAnn Howard
“While there are times where a learner may be better served in a different environment, Adventist teachers know that with supportive parents, pastors, church members and administrators, and with Divine guidance, most learners’ physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs can be met in the classroom.” Article is on page 4.

Meeting the Needs of Early Learners by Joe Allison
Christian early learning centers serve as more than just daycare providers. Spiritual seeds are planted every day. Article is on page 5.

Adventist Education and Special Needs Students by Brenda Dickerson with Cindy Bracken-Schwagerman
Hear from a parent who reluctantly realized her special needs child was unable to be served at her local Adventist school. Included are suggestions for meeting the needs of all children, as well as ways to embrace families with special needs. Article is on page 9.

Just Listen: The Art of Successful Relationships by Jean Thomas
Whether at school or at home, getting along with others is a skill we all need!

Grief of the Non-custodial Parent by Alina M. Baltazar
Have you considered the role of non-custodial parents in your students’ lives?

Light Glows in the Darkness by Israel Ramos
As many as 80% of Adventist students in college attend a secular university. How can we support them and reach others?

Teaching Children to Make Time with God by Ingrid Weiss Slikkers
Pass these ideas on to your school families, or use in your own home!

11 Things to Think About as Your Church Engages in Social Media by Atlantic Union Conference
Although presented with a church setting in mind, these tips are valuable for schools as well.

Church School News by Jerrell Gilkeson
“What are we doing to give our students an advantage?” Answers in this article focus on STEM, teacher training, and the new Encounter Bible curriculum.

More Than a Building by Lucinda Dixon
As a teacher, why choose to commit yourself to Adventist education? Having been involved as a student, parent, support staff member and soon-to-be teacher, the author reflects on her calling.


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