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Journal of Adventist Education

This is an exciting year for Adventist education! Titled Educating for Eternity, Lisa Beardsley-Hardy’s editorial describes the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Conferences taking place around the globe. Volume 79, Issue 3 (2017) of the Journal of Adventist Education is especially for the educators daily carrying out the teaching ministry of Christ worldwide. The following articles are included:

The Great Commissions and the Educational Imperative by George R. Knight
Mission. It’s the reason the Seventh-day Adventist church exists. Has education always been part of that mission? You may be surprised at the answer.

State of Adventist Education Report by Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy
The goal of inspecting the state of Adventist Education is to rebuild where necessary. Topics in this report include discrepancy between purpose and enrollment, priorities for the 2015-2020 quinquennium, and using education to reach the cities.

CognitiveGenesis: Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Factors Contributing to Academic Success in Adventist Education by Elissa Kido
Key findings of the 2006-2009 CognitiveGenesis project were presented at the 2016 LEAD Conference. Here is a summary of the presentation.

The Divine Blueprint for Education by George W. Reid
In this devotional, look past textual study and philosophy to consider the divine element of worship, God’s plan of salvation, and what they means to true education.

Increasing Student Access in K to 12 Education: A Challenge for Adventist Schools in the 21st Century by David R. Williams
Themes addressed are “(1) the challenge of youth retention in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the role that Christian education can play; (2) the challenge we face of providing high-quality education; and (3) the challenge of making Adventist education affordable for our constituency.”

Strengthening Adventist Education in the North American Division: Recommendations for Educators by Jerome Thayer, Anneris Coria-Navia, Aimee Leukert, Elissa Kido and Larry Blackmer
Facing decreasing enrollment rates, leaders appointed a NAD Education Task Force. Here are the resulting recommendations.

Joining and Remaining: A Look at the Data on the Role of Adventist Education by John Wesley Taylor V
Is Adventist Education worth the investment of our energy and money as a church? Take a look at the data on baptism, attendance, and retention.

Reaching the World Through Technology by Adam Fenner
The rate of knowledge exchange is rapidly increasing. How can we use this trend to support our mission?

“Educating For Eternity”: The Waldensian Student Initiative by Leif Hongisto
In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, students in the Waldensian program deliberately witness to their secular university classmates as they “actively make friends, serve others, and allow their lives to be living channels of God’s grace and power.”

“College” for Cities and the Example of Mongolia Adventist Dormitory by Jairyong Lee
Young people are flocking to the cities. How can they be reached with the gospel? One creative way is Mongolia Mission’s use of its building to provide living space for university students.

Alternate Models for Achieving Adventist Educational Mission in Urban Education by Ella Smith Simmons
With more and more of the world’s population moving to urban areas, a culture of outreach is needed for all areas of ministry. This article includes a list of requirements for urban education aiming to transform lives.








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