In Adventist News: October-December 2017

In Adventist News

This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

The Value of Adventist Education by Timothy Floyd
The Valuegensis update confirms that a quality Adventist school is one of three crucial venues in predicting long term connection to the Adventist church.

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Encounter Jesus! by Kent Rusk
Canadian Adventist elementary teachers have received training on the Encounter Bible curriculum in order to implement it this school year. Read about what the new curriculum offers.

Already Gone by Jeremy Garlock
While we often think of Adventist young people choosing to leave the church while attending secular colleges, statistics show the choice is much more likely to be made at the elementary and high school levels by those in public education.

The Importance of Christian Education by Esther Paul-Émile
After experiencing both Christian and public schooling, this mother knew she wanted her own son to attend Adventist schools.

10+10 Education Endowment Helps Students Today and Tomorrow  by Julie Lorenz
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every Adventist family who wanted to send their child to Adventist school could? That’s the goal in Northern California. Perhaps their plan is something your local conference can implement as well.

Worthy Students, Worthy Cause
by Leah Keys
This testimonial to the power of Adventist education includes a look at how you can help worthy students.

Becoming an Adventist Teacher by Natalie Baharona Bruzon
Coming from a public school background, this education student didn’t see the value of multi-grade classrooms or Christian education in general. Then she student taught at the laboratory school on Union College’s campus and her perspective changed!

Lester Coon Adopts Forest Classroom Model by Karen Sullivan Williams
Outdoor education benefits students in many ways. Read how to make it a daily part of your schedule.

Encountering Jesus in Adventist Schools by Diane Barlow
Still waiting to see the new elementary Bible curriculum? This superintendent’s overview and positive assessment will increase your anticipation!

Northwoods Elementary Friendship Bench Teaches Kindness by John Bedell
Do some of your students feel they have no one to play with at recess? This idea can help!

Preparing for a Fluid Job Market by David Smith
Recent trends are changing higher education to meet what employers are looking for. Soft skills such as “critical thinking, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, analysis, and teamwork” are in demand!

Cultivating Christian Leadership by Damon and Danae Gillam
Moving from Texas to Egypt, these educators followed God’s call to the mission field.


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