TEACH Volume 11, Issue 2

TEACH Journal of Christian Education

Five hundred years later, we still celebrate Martin Luther’s initiation of the Reformation.  In his editorial, Graeme Perry points out that God used Luther despite his failure to completely reform himself. In the same way, Christian teachers should be conscious of their own sinful failings and allow God to help them overcome inadequacies. Additional articles in Volume 11, Issue 2 (2017) of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education include:

Strategies to Address Educational Needs of Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing by Marion Shields and Madelyn Lennox
Students with hearing impairments have unique learning needs, especially when it comes to language acquisition. This paper uses research findings to suggest effective management strategies educators can use to target all aspects of student wellbeing.

Establishing Personal Ethics: Modelling Principles of Spiritual Leadership for a Christian Educator by Richard L. Green
Leading by example is essential for an educator. As a spiritual leader, be consistent in your life and attitude.

Improving the Writing Skills of English Learners: An Impact on Student Learning Analysis by Holly W. Arnold
Wondering how to improve the writing skills of English Learners? This action research project monitored “a variety of formal and informal assessment methods through the Impact on Student Learning Analysis (ISLA). The purpose of this ISLA is to: a) determine the effect of instruction; b) use assessment methods to guide instruction; and c) communicate the results to multiple audiences.”

Transforming Classroom Practice – Amazing World of Seeds by April Van Bezouwen and Beverly J. Christian
A child’s curiosity about seed pods leads to “a child-initiated journey of discovery that spanned a term.”

Values-Virtues Leadership and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals: Toward a Distinctive Touchstone for Principals in Christian Faith-Based Schools by Wilf Rieger
This article “challenges school leaders in Christian faith-based (CFB) schools to live Jesus’ kingdom values and virtues in their daily professional working and personal lives.”

Old School or Cutting Edge? An Examination of Ellen G. White’s Views on Education from a Best Practice Twenty-First Century Perspective by Peter W. Kilgour and Beverly J. Christian
Ellen White “wrote prolifically on the philosophy of Christian education, its goals and its practice. This article explores her views, as written over a century ago, and compares them with several twentyfirst century educational concepts that impact pedagogical practice today.”

Socioscientific Issues: A Framework for Teaching Ethics Through Controversial Issues in Science byTimothy C. Pope
“As science progresses, new techniques and additional information present society with new situations that require ethical analysis and judgement. More than ever before educators of today face the challenge of preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with these issues. This paper explores the potential of the Socioscientific Issues framework for the teaching of ethical understanding within the science classroom of Christian or other faith based schools and offers some insights into what teaching with socioscientific perspective might look like in the classroom.”

Wellbeing Education for Educators by Jason Hinze and Darren Morton
Providers of teacher training should note the results of this study, which “examined the impact of a 10-week multimodal wellbeing intervention (The Lift Project) on pre-service teachers’ personal wellbeing and their perceptions of the value of the intervention when embedded into their course of study.”

Avondale Creates Community for Christian Early Childhood Educators in Australia by Kaye Judge and Brenton Stacey
“Avondale has helped establish the first association for Christian early childhood educators in Australia at an inaugural conference organised and hosted by its Discipline of Education. The inter-denominational Australian Christian Early Childhood Educators Association (ACECEA) will bring academics and practitioners together to network, collaborate on research and promote informed practice.”

History in the Details: A Historian Reflects on the Value of Letters by Robyn Priestly
As published in Dearest Folks: Letters Home From a Missionary Wife and Mother, letters written by Margaret Watts between 1956 and 1966 as she served in the South Pacific mission field provide valuable insight into the family life of a missionary in that era.

Stories from Sunnyside: Where it Began by John Skrzypaszek
Rather than focus on prophecy or theology, Stories from Sunnyside “recalls the narratives in the life of a person engrossed in the depth of God’s love.” This book about Ellen White’s years living in Cooranbong, Australia will inspire its readers.

Introducing Sunnyside by Marian de Berg
Written by the author of Stories from Sunnyside, this short article is sure to pique your interest!


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