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Take a look at our favorite resources on assessment, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE. Experienced Adventist educators sift the ever expanding array of online resources for those of best value for Adventist teachers, administrators and support staff, curating lists for quick and easy use by busy educators anywhere, anytime. 

Dartmouth Assessment Resources
This article provides links to a wide variety of resources related to assessment, including principles of good assessment, the assessment planning cycle, and key assessment resources, which includes a selected biography of relevant books.

Rubric Makers
Learn how to use rubrics, and link to many online rubric collections and rubric-building tools.

Practical Ideas on Alternative Assessment for ESL Students
Practical ideas on alternative assessment strategies such as nonverbal assessment strategies, K-W-L charts, oral performances or presentations, oral and written products, portfolios, and more.

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The Power of Portfolios in Inclusive Classrooms
Portfolios can be used to empower students with special need enrolled in inclusive classrooms. Along with general organizational tips and a discussion of common challenges, the article provides sample assessment forms: Item Selection; Analytic Rubric–Portfolio Item Assessment; Reaction Form; Criteria for Portfolios.

Authentic Assessment: Try the Third Option
This article demonstrates how teachers can choose the elements of authentic assessment that meet their specific classroom needs. Practical suggestions are given for preparing portfolio presentations and planning a portfolio night.

How to Help Students Learn Through Assessment
Alberto dos Santos explores strategies of using traditional assessment practices such as quizzes, assignments, and exams to improve learning and increase students’ knowledge base.

Needs Assessment: A Valuable Tool for Educators
Conducting a needs assessment is crucial to evaluating whether lesson/unit goals and objectives have been met, and this article offers guidelines for doing so, along with ways to tailor lesson plans to the needs and abilities of a given classroom using a required curriculum.

JAE Editorial: Does Assessment Make the Grade?
In this special issue on testing and alternative assessment, Anita Oliver addresses thought provoking questions on the purpose of assessment. Teachers must consider the purpose of assessment practices throughout the process of planning lessons and teaching lesson. Articles in this issue include:
Shall We Evaluate?
Would Jesus Give an F?
Putting Standardized Testing to the Test
Assessment and Reporting ‘Down Under’
Portfolios for Pre-Service Teachers at Union College
Assessing the Validity of Graduate Record Examinations

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