In Adventist News: January-March 2018

In Adventist News

This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

The Assignment That Saved My Son’s Life by Lara Melashenko
A powerful example of how studying meaningful topics can impact students, this account is a must-read for high school teachers.

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Educating Inquisitive Minds by Kim Strobel
A healthy curiosity aids students in any level of education. Find how undergrads at Walla Walla University combine areas of study they’re interested in. Article beings on page 8.

The Principal Shares from Her Heart by Gail Wilton
Even the seemingly impossible to reach students are watching and listening.

Lessons for Life: Starting School with Jesus by Melisandra Zubik
Character education is an integral part of Adventist education. Read how this kindergarten teacher starts each day off right with her students.

Professional Development for Teachers in the Atlantic Union Conference by Lileth Coke
Reading what the Atlantic Union is doing to provide professional education for their teachers just might inspire you to seek out options for yourself!

Ridgetop Students Enjoy “Classroom Without Walls” by Pam Williams and Shannon Armantrout
Wondering what a Forest Kindergarten looks like? Read how this one in Tennessee is structured.

Preparing Hearts: Teaching Little Ones to Love Jesus by Jessica Lozano
This important part of being a parent or teacher can be equally rewarding to your own faith development. A list of faith-building resources is included.

Carolina Conference Launches Podcast Show for Young Men by Courtney Herod
“Walking Free is a podcast about navigating this crazy world as a young, Christian man. Hosted by Evan Bujeker, it offers practical, Christ-centered advice and solutions from both peers and those who have spent time in the trenches and survived.”

Performing Outside of the Parallelogram by Sophia Parkes
Read this teacher’s reflections for a reminder of the special aspects of being a Christian educator.

Early Childhood Education Centers Are Key to Witnessing by Julie Majestic, with Jessica Anzai Permaul
Stories from Southeastern California Conference’s four centers prove the title’s truth!

Educational Leaders See Results from University’s STEM Program by Genesis Gonzalez
Read how a “STEM instruction initiative hosted by Loma Linda University is helping students stabilize enrollment and boosting instructional enthusiasm in denominational schools.”

Innovation Labs Encourage Listening by Heidi Baumgartner
This creative endeavor to involve more young adults in all areas of ministry took place in the Washington Conference.

Adventist Schools: A Place of Grace by Trevor Schlisner
We teach about grace, but what can grace teach us?

Meet Them Where They Are by Melissa Ponce-Rodas
Rather than react with anger, parents should respond like Jesus when children are at their most vulnerable. The same is true for teachers!

Preventing Obesity in Children by Susan Allen
Childhood obesity is a widespread problem. This article provides tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Kids These Days! by Alina M. Baltaza
“How many times have you heard that phrase, or said it yourself? As we approach middle age and beyond, we are often disturbed about the apparent failings of the younger generation. This can feel overwhelming to parents, grandparents, teachers and pastors.”


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