International Forum Volume 20, Number 2 (Part 2)

International Forum

Plagiarism, moonlighting and multilingual education are just some of the topics covered in the  second half of this issue of International Forum, the interdisciplinary research journal of the graduate school of AIIAS. Select an article and learn something new!

Seven Secrets of Mental Power in the Writings of Ellen G. White by Yaroslav Ovdiyenko
As in other topics of her writings, “examination of the ‘seven secrets’ has shown that the revelations given to Ellen White regarding the concept of mental power are practical, scientifically reasonable, and, in general, ahead of her time.”

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Needs Assessment of Senior High School Mathematics Teachers in Teaching Statistics and Probability by Zussette Candelario-Aplaon
Conducted in the Philippines, this descriptive research showed that although the studied high school teachers have content knowledge, they need additional training to effectively teach statistics and probability.

The Effects of Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education on the English Literacy of Children in Silang, Philippines by Sheri Joy C. Namanya
English proficiency is important in the global arena. How does being taught in the mother tongue language affect English literacy level?

Social Investment Funds and Social Responsibility: Do International Financial Institutions Deserve Special Treatment? by Christel Arnaud Ngadima and Isaac P. Podah
“Mixed results of SIFs suggest a causal analysis of the situation based on legal standards of responsibility. This study explores the case of KALAHI-CIDSS in the Philippines; a community-driven development project funded through World Bank’s loans.”

Appreciative Inquiry of Social Marketing Studies Between 2000 and 2009 by Innocent Sigauke and Kenneth Swansi
Social marketing can be used as intervention against diseases and other social concerns, but has generally not been used in a predictable and systematic way. Therefore, “this study draws on appreciative inquiry to understand how SM practice can be improved using a positive interventionist approach.”

Symptomology of Academic Theft: Does It Matter If Students Steal? by Ismael N. Talili
Academic plagiarism is growing worldwide. Student behavior was studied at a high school in the Philippines, and an intervention strategy was introduced.

Moonlighting as a Growing Phenomenon: A Case Study of a Congolese Christian University by Georges Mumbere Kisumano and Safary Wa-Mbaleka
The university professors interviewed for this study have second jobs for a variety of reasons including financial concerns, professional development and networking. Also discussed is how their students are affected.


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