In Adventist News: April 2018 (Part 2)

In Adventist News

Continued from last week, here are more articles published by various North American Division union conferences this month. Enjoy reading!

Skills that Empower by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
While the world around us changes, schools must prepare students for an uncertain future.

WWU Offering Restructured Program for Special Education Teachers by Charles Riseley

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Fifteen years after discontinuing its special education program, the Walla Walla University School of Education and Psychology is now offering MAT and M.Ed degrees, as well as an undergraduate minor, in special education. The program follows a generalist approach.

Young Disciples by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
Helping to create lifelong disciples is an important responsibility of Adventist schools.

School of Thought by Maurice Valentine
Christian education is a huge blessing to the Adventist church. Students who attend are impacted for life in many ways, including spiritually and socially. As adults they also often excel in their chosen careers.

Journey to Excellence: Adventist Education in the Pacific Union by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
This look at the history and philosophy of education is also true of our schools outside of the Pacific Union.

When Prayer Changed our School by Phyllis Washington
Faced with difficult behavioral issues in their small school, this church community formed a multi-generational mentoring program by connecting each student with a senior prayer partner. It has been a blessing to all involved!

Educating for Eternity by Ricardo Graham
Teachers facilitate life-changing experiences each day in our Adventist schools.

We Would See Jesus by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
Read how “Adventist teachers bring modern educational methods and ancient commitments together for every student.”

Crosswalk for Life by Berit von Pohle
A director of education explains why he views Adventist education as a crosswalk.

A Commitment to Our Children by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
Financial support of Adventist education is important both from individual members and church leadership at all levels.

New Bible Curriculum Sparks God Encounters in the Classroom by Jody Seigal and Amanda Walter
This enthusiastic description of the Encounter curriculum includes the authors’ experiences teaching the program.

For of Such Is the Kingdom of God by Pacific Union Conference Education Team
“Early childhood education is a most amazing opportunity for evangelism—joyful, busy, slightly messy, and very busy evangelism. And the opportunities are both accessible and immeasurable.”


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