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Take a look at our favorite resources for educational leadership, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE. Experienced Adventist educators sift the ever expanding array of online resources for those of best value for Adventist teachers, administrators and support staff, curating lists for quick and easy use by busy educators anywhere, anytime.

Servant Leadership – Fulfilling the Biblical Paradigm
The author proposes six key elements shared by servant leaders: they provide leadership, value people, develop people, share leadership, build community, and serve others; they shift from asking “What can I get?” to “What can I give?”

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Lead-Management vs. Boss-Management – Quality or Coercion?
Boss, lead and laissez-faire management styles are compared in the context of educational leadership. Also includes research and experience on management and suggestions on becoming leaders who seek to develop trust and self-government in students and school staff.

Becoming the Best Christian Workplace We Can Be
“Adventist educators need to ask themselves: Is our school the best Christian workplace it can be? If not, there are opportunities for God’s grace to be manifested and for Christ’s model of leadership to be followed more closely.”

Moneywise – A Seventh-day Adventist Treasurer Resource Site
This website for Adventist educational institution treasurers is helpful for anyone who works with finances, and includes information and sample documents on educational institution management, leadership training, church policies, budgeting, basic fund accounting, boards and board presentations, church policies, ethical issues and leadership training.

The Unprincipaled Teacher – Being Your Own Administrator
This article suggests strategies for improving the administrative skills of those who must teach and act as principal at the same time.

Lifeline – A Handbook for Small School Success
This valuable small school teacher/principal manual includes checklists, ideas, options, important things to do and remember, problem-solving strategies, teaching strategies, and professional development information. The handbook can be downloaded and printed, or is available for purchase through AdventSource.

Indicators of Effective Leadership
A list of indicators of an effective leader as described by surveyed educators.

Managing the Small School – Being Your Own Administrator
Written specifically for principal/teachers of small schools in the United States, this article defines administration as a coalition between management and leadership, and briefly outlines key areas of concern for small school management.


Courageous Leadership
The author argues that when the spiritual gift of leadership comes alive in churches everywhere, the church will become the hope of the world and a most influential force for good.

Developing the Leader within You
John Maxwell examines the differences between leadership styles, outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others. The author shows readers how to develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders.

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
In a light, readable style, Dr. Hans Finzel reveals the 10 most common leadership mistakes. Using case studies, pertinent biblical principles and a collection of leadership lore, he offers an invaluable tool for anyone in a supervisory or leadership role.

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