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In Adventist News: May-June 2018

In Adventist News

There is no time like the present to catch up on your reading! Found in recent North American Division publications, these articles may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy!

The Bible in the Classroom by Carol Campbell
Scheduled for full implementation across the NAD this coming school year, the Adventist Encounter Curriculum includes four distinct features: A biblical discipleship focus, topics relating to the Personhood of God, higher order thinking, and assessment with transformation as the goal.

Unique Service of the NAD Provides Counsel on Funding by Lilya Wagner
Need some fundraising guidance? Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) is available to all institutions in the North American Division at low or no cost. Read this article for more information, including specific ways PSI offers assistance.

News and newspaper headlines concept for media, journalism, press or newsletter
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Adventist Educators—People with a Passion by Jere Clayburn
Adventist teachers possess a certain set of traits, but encompassing all the others is love.

“So Which One Do You Believe?”  by Karie MacPhee
Teaching Bible to a class of mostly non-Adventist students gave this teacher insight into her community’s need to learn more about Jesus and His love.

“Any Other School but Adventist!” by Teresa Ferreira
Despite her initial reluctance to attend an Adventist university, the author ended up being happy her parents insisted on it.

Oakwood University Reinvents Career Services by The Office of Integrated Marketing & Public Relations
Read in detail the plan for the Oakwood University Career Connections Center, which will be opening soon. Specific areas of focus are shared.

A Great-Grandmother’s Influence by Jennifer Ellis
Some parents find choosing a school for their children to be a difficult task. In contrast, this mother found it to be an effortless decision as soon as she visited the local Adventist school.

Adventist Education Helps Shape Character of Waffle House Hero by Lucas L. Johnson II
James Shaw Jr. inadvertently attracted much media attention when he put himself at risk to stop an active shooter at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. His early ties to Adventist education are recounted here.


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