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JAE 2018-1

Journal of Adventist Education

Increasing access to Christian education to include as many students as possible is something Adventist educators have a passion for.  What role can distance learning play? Volume 80, Issue 1 (2018) of The Journal of Adventist Education is a special issue focusing on Adventist education online. In her guest editorial, Janine Monica Lim gives four reasons why online education could expand that access. Additional titles in this issue include:

Administrative Essentials for Online Programs by Janine Monica Lim
Implementing and maintaining an online learning program is a big task! This helpful overview “examines several areas administrators should consider as they set up or seek to improve online courses and programs offered by their schools.”

How to Successfully Support Online Teachers by La Ronda Forsey
How can administrators provide support and mentoring to the teachers who connect daily with distance learning students? This article includes seven specific ways.

Faith Presence: Creating Online Environments That Nurture Faith by Leni Casimiro
The nature of online classrooms makes forming close personal relationships more difficult than in traditional settings. What can online teachers do to cultivate these relationships, allowing for the nurturing of faith development as well?

The Virtual Mentor Program: An Initiative to Support First-year Students and Students at Risk by Anthony Williams, Maria Northcote, Peter Kilgour, and Ben Stewart
Both traditional and online students can struggle for a variety of reasons. Virtual mentor programs are designed to identify those potentially at risk and to offer assistance as appropriate.

Building Relationships for Ministry to Online Students by Adam Fenner
Developing relationships with online students requires intentionality and commitment, just as in traditional classrooms. These ten helpful practices center on a powerful tool: email.

Creative Online Devotionals by Leni Casimiro
“Undoubtedly, creating a God-centered worship experience in an online classroom can be very challenging. Without direct teacher guidance, how can students be led to experience true worship?”

Adventist Learning Community Announces Eight Health Courses by Sharon Aka
Living healthfully is core to the Adventist lifestyle. Read descriptions of the ALC’s new health courses, which cover a wide range of topics.

Teaching the Bible Class by J. Wesley Taylor V
“What strategies can teachers utilize to make Bible classes more effective and enjoyable? Here are some ideas to try.”


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