In Adventist News: July 2018 (Part 2)

In Adventist News

Continued from yesterday, here are more articles published by various North American Division union conferences. Enjoy reading!

What Parents Are Looking for in a Christian School by Alva James-Johnson, Kevin Kossick and Stephen Bralley
A recent study of Christian parents yielded a list of four priorities of what they valued most when choosing a school. Read to find out how Adventist education fits in!

Adventist Education: Evangelism at its Best by Gerard Ban
A director of education makes a convincing case for education as an integral part of evangelism.

The Mentoring Gap: Investing in Today’s Youth by Johnny Holliday and Alva James-Johnson
Being mentored by a caring adult positively affects young people in many areas of their lives.

Encountering Jesus: Helping Students Know God by Betty Bayer
Most Adventist schools in Canada implemented the Adventist Encounter Bible Curriculum this past school year. Here are some comments from teachers, parents and students describing their experience.

Adventist Education: Working Together to Provide a Peaceful Future by Tamara Michalenko Terry
Providing the best education possible is not easy, but “if we work together as a village to surround our young people, we will have done our part to secure their peaceful future for eternity.”

Help! I’m a Member of What? by Reo Ganson
Having spent nearly 55 years serving on school boards, this principal has definitely learned what the role and responsibilities of members are.

Don’t Wait: Start Preparing for College Now by Alva James-Johnson
This article includes six essential steps for students preparing for college during their high school years.

Q&A: Interview with Judy Burgin-Hall by Stan Jensen
Hoping to shine a light on Adventist teachers, whom he feels are often underappreciated, the editor sat down with long-time educator Judy Burgin-Hall.


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