In Adventist News: July 2018 (Part 1)

In Adventist News

As students and teachers think ahead to the coming school year, North American Division publications included many articles on education. More to come tomorrow!

The Making of a Pastor: Max and the Encounter Bible Curriculum by Lynn McDowell
This fifth grade student and his classmates took what they studied in Bible class to a whole new level! Read how they voluntarily took on the role of class pastor, ministering to each other as well as other classrooms.

Exceptional Children with Special Needs: Knowing the Warning Signs by Alva James-Johnson
Depending on their specific needs, exceptional students can often be served at private schools. Trained, observant teachers and invested parents contribute to student success.

Work and Education Go Hand in Hand by Jerrell Gilkeson
Although working opportunities are changing, the need for quality practical education is still universal.

A New Adventist Asks by Chris Holland
Is sending my child to an Adventist school worth the expense? Both factual and reflective, this response is useful for sharing with new and long-term Adventist families alike.

Education and Evangelism – Blessings in Disguise by Leslie Pollard
“The ministry of saving youth is essential to the work of educational evangelists and evangelistic educators. May the two always work for the ministry of God’s Church!”

Planning for Excellence: SWUC Continuous School Improvement Plan by Carol Campbell
Excellent schools don’t just happen on their own. Southwestern Union’s Continuous School Improvement Plan is deliberate and includes specific goals. Has your school developed such a plan?

My Favorite Teacher by Alva James-Johnson
Reading about ten of the many nominated teachers will remind you of the great impact you can have on your students for life.

“Please, God, save me … and save my children.” by Phillip Ritchey
This father’s upbringing in a Christian home and attendance at Adventist schools helped him ask God to save him physically, and eventually spiritually. Years later, he and his wife realized an Adventist school was where their children needed to be.


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