College and University Dialogue

Dialogue Volume 30, Number 1

Designed for Seventh-day Adventist university students and young professionals, College and University Dialogue is published by the Committee on Adventist Ministry to College and University Students (AMiCUS) in cooperation with the 13 world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and in partnership with Public Campus Ministries (PCM).  Volume 30, Number 1 (2018) is now available online. In his editorial titled “His Glorious Riches,”  Hudson Kibuuka writes of the true riches God provides us with. Additional articles include:

The Case for a Recent Creation by Ariel Roth
“While the scientific community rejects the biblical account of beginnings, there is a significant body of scientific data that is hard to explain unless you believe in the recent creation depicted in the Bible.”

Keepers of Treasure by J. Wesley Taylor V
“What we do in our ‘spare time’ is of vital importance to our lives, and to the lives of others. It can make a fortune or wreck it. It can build character or destroy it. In essence, what you do with your time presents your philosophy of life.”

Sending Justice to Victory by Warren Shipton and Wayne Shipton
“Why a merciful, loving God does not stop injustice is an age-old question. It has some rational answers rooted in the nature of God.”

The Lord Will Provide: Meditation on Genesis 22 by Artur Stele
“God’s blessings are not only reserved for the future world to come, but also are a reality already here and now.”

Joshua: Model in Leadership by Reymand Hutabarat
“By his trust and confidence in God, Joshua left for all posterity a never-to-be-forgotten lesson: Victory in life over every conceivable obstacle, situation, or enemy is not to be found in human strength but in placing oneself in God’s everlasting arms.”

The Rescuer by Benjamin Baker
“No room for the old artificial distinctions of superiority/inferiority exists in the arms of Jesus, the ‘place of safety,’ or in the church, for those who have been rescued. Yes, the rescue is complete, the Rescuer extraordinary.”

A.I. Anxiety by Gary Swanson
“As capabilities of artificial intelligence have increased to ever more sophisticated levels, troubling questions among humans proliferate. How should a Christian face such issues?”

Isabel de Moraes: A dialogue with an Adventist biochemist specializing in membrane protein research by Timothy Standish
“Dr.Isabel de Moraes is a uniquely qualified researcher who runs the Membrane Protein Laboratory at the Diamond Light Source, a gigantic synchrotron occupying much of a decommissioned Royal Air Force base near Oxford, England.”

This issue is also available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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