In Adventist News: November-December 2018

In Adventist News

As 2018 draws to a close, catch up on Adventist education news from across the North American Division.

Experiential Learning Enhances Student Marketability by Scott Riseley
Learn how Walla Walla University Student Development Center’s employer relations coordinator is helping students gain valuable experience while making themselves more marketable after graduation. Experiential learning is becoming an important factor in hiring decisions for employers hiring recent graduates.

Adventist School Accreditation by Shad Lehmann
In the NAD, the school accreditation process helps ensure schools “deliver high-quality, Christ-centered, and academically rigorous education.”  Read for details of this process.

Adventist Schools – Jordan River Schools by Wayne Edwards
What do our schools have in common with the background of Naaman’s wife’s servant girl? We hope to diligently cultivate Christian character and grace, just as those responsible for her early training did.

Choices by Luz Ahumado Lillo
How do you know what God is calling you to do when you’re faced with a decision? This teacher is glad she chose to accept a position as head teacher in a small Adventist school, even though it meant moving her family.

Soul-Saving Service by Ellen White
As we enter into a new year, take a moment to reflect on our calling as Christians to share the saving power of Jesus.

Prayers Answered for Berkshire Hills Christian School by Bo Suriner
Are you feeling like your school is facing insurmountable difficulties? Be inspired by the story of this small school which, due to having no teacher and zero candidates, couldn’t open on what should have been the first day. A day set aside for focused prayer opened the door for a last minute miracle.

How You Can Stop Sexual Abuse in Your Ministry by Leander Tomazeli
This short article describes five specific ways we can protect children from sexual abuse in our churches and schools.


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