Partnering with Parents: Topical Training

Communication & Cooperation

Help your students thrive by building stronger families through short, engaging, easy-to-read newsletters for parents of children and teens. The Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Adventist Educators( curated the best articles from a column written by Adventist family therapist Susan Murray for the Lake Union Herald. Consider including the URL in an email or your newsletters to parents this year. Articles are organized into the following categories:

Family Ties Articles
Murray shares tips and tools on a variety of topics that will strengthen school families. These quick reads include redemptive discipline, making memories, comforting children, parenting myths, math anxiety and much more.

Building Relationships
Help families nurture interpersonal relationships through reading articles on the importance of showing love; being self-less; being an askable parent; working through anger; building moral strength; home missions, staying connected, neighborhood kids, and more.

Family Faith
Help families nurture Christian growth in all stages of life by sharing articles that discuss spiritual gifts, time management, the home’s mission, spiritual leadership, suppertime devotions, owning faith, and the blessing of Sabbaths together.

Physical & Mental Health
These articles guide families to physical, mental, social, and spiritual health and wellness. Topics addressed include dealing with grief, choosing happiness, stress-proofing kids, good breakfasts, bed time, body image, mental illness, drugs, and overcoming inherited patterns or habits.

Life Skills
Positive tips and tools on topics ranging from family finances, teaching problem-solving and critical thinking skills, reducing holiday stress, conflict resolution, cultivating sharing and self-control, guidelines for meaningful apology, building confidence, and addressing cheating.

Helping parents strengthen marriages helps students achieve more. These one page practical articles consider conflict management, ways to build healthy marriages, dealing with long-term or sudden medical problems, quiet time, pre-marital advice, new parenting skills, and more.

Risk Factors
This collection of articles provides guidance on building children and youth to minimize risk factors and challenges such as drug abuse, bullying, date rape, and suicide.

Contribute to these themes or others by freely sharing your articles, podcasts, videos, or presentations through  It’s easy to submit articles online, anytime, in your language.


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