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The Classroom as a Sanctuary

I never imagined myself working daily in a classroom setting. Memories of my mind drifting in class, doodling during lessons, texting on my phone, and browsing social media convinced me that being in charge of any classroom, let alone a Christian classroom, would be an unbearable task. Fast forward many years and I’m still not a teacher. However, as a pastor I have been given the amazing opportunity to teach Bible class to twelfth, eighth and fifth grade students at Fraser Valley Adventist Academy in British Columbia, Canada.

Christian Education Themed BackgroundChristian Education Themed BackgroundBeing part of an Adventist institution, we continuously consider how to instill Christianity into the children’s daily interactions. What are practical ways to encourage our children to grow in spirituality? As a pastor, I figured the way I can incorporate faith into my classrooms is to see my students as church members; and church members are required to be active. A church grows when members are given opportunities to participate and express their spiritual journey when we congregate on Sabbath, whether that is through music, testimonies, or truly anything. Bringing this concept into my classrooms has allowed me to incorporate faith daily. Every day, a student shares a devotion to the class. In this, all they must do is find a verse that stands out to them, explain why it speaks to them, and pray for the class after taking any prayer requests their peers may have.

In doing this, students must take the opportunity to internalize and share the Word of God. Students are also given the opportunity to intercede on behalf of their classmates in prayer. This automatically brings faith into the classroom and sparks spiritual growth because there is a requirement to do something intentional about activities associated with God.

I’ve found that another key factor in integrating faith in the classroom, specifically Bible classes, is to create a culture of safety and vulnerability. This is done initially by leaders of the classroom to set that standard. As teachers, pastors, or anyone in charge, we must be willing to give a little so that our students or congregation know that they can give some as well. When we take the risk to open up, it motivates others to follow the same example. When the culture of safety and vulnerability exists, students naturally begin to ask difficult questions and share their obstacles and successes in their spiritual journey. Faith can be incorporated into the classroom when the classroom is not just seen as a place where students come only to be told something. It needs to be a place where they can share and grow.

While these are the methods I’ve seen bring fruit, there are many more ways to instill faith in the daily learning system of our schools. Let us continue to make our institutions places where our students grow in their spirituality.

Benjamin Jr. Amoah

Pastor Amoah, serves as Chaplain and Bible Teacher at Fraser Valley Adventist Academy, Canadá, BA in Religious Studies.
Benjamin Jr. Amoah

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  • | 8 months ago

    This is a noble article that will redirect my methodology in my classroom. I praise God for the article.

    • | 8 months ago

      Great, Innocent. Happy to hear about this!

  • | 8 months ago

    I like the vulnerability aspect my brother. Keep the faith with much and encouragement.

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