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Four Reasons to Bring Google Forms into the Classroom

Assessment & Evaluation

Google Forms can do anything! It is an easy to use, easy to manage free web-based application that is accessible anywhere. Google Forms provides both teachers and students with data that gives meaningful feedback and confirms the accomplishment of students meeting curricular competencies. By integrating Google Forms in a variety of ways, West Coast Adventist School has advanced in our mission of providing quality education in a Christ-filled online environment.

Close up of male student taking notes sitting at desk during lecture in college, focus on hand writing in notebook, copy spaceStudent Self-Reflection. Google Forms is a great way for students to reflect upon the core competencies of the BC curriculum. Teachers can create and share a Google Form Assessment with each student that contains questions and achievement scales in which students can complete to reflect upon what they have learned over a certain period of time.

Check for Learning. Using Google Forms, students can respond to teacher-created assessments. Traditionally, exit tickets would be created using scraps of paper, but Google Forms enables the organization of digital exit tickets so that teachers can view multiple responses from each student over a series of lessons and throughout the year to assess student progress. For example, at the end of a lesson, students can rate themselves on how well they are understanding the topic, enabling teachers to have an ongoing digital record of student progression throughout the numerous lessons. As a result, teachers can better reflect upon their teaching strategies due to a quick and organized collection process of student responses.

Progress Reports. At West Coast Adventist School, staff meet together to discuss and review each student’s individual progress in their courses. By using Google Forms, we capture information, such as attendance and participation, communication, and course progress in an efficient manner. These forms can then be shared between all members of the teaching staff, the student, and the parents. Since implementing this type of reporting, we have found that these progress reports have helped create a more cohesive mindset among all members of the West Coast family.

Teacher Self-Reflection. Google Forms is a powerful tool for teachers to gain insight into their own teaching practices. Teachers or administrators can create anonymous surveys to share with students and parents via a simple link. Viewing the data in multiple formats provides a firm foundation for teachers to engage in critical analysis and reflection.

No matter the purpose of the Google Form, the data gathered is neatly collected in a secure database and can be reviewed in a variety of forms, such as charts and graphs, which can be extended to Google Sheets. The data displays information in a way that both students and teachers can benefit. Google Forms may not be the only web-based application for collecting data, but the versatility of this tool supports efficiency in any type of classroom.


Sara - BEd Secondary, Grades 9-12 Humanities and Biology Teacher. Currently employed at West Coast Adventist School, Canada, serving as high school teacher since 2016.

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