In Adventist News: April-June 2019

In Adventist News

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

A Model for Intergenerational Learning by Michelle Odinma
This feature describes the blessing both young people and the elderly can be to each other.

Youth Evangelism: Winning Souls Through Innovative School Activities, Missions by Lucas L. Johnson II
Read how students in the Southern Union Conference are actively involved in evangelism, spiritual leadership, and mission work. Also included are tips to engage your own young people in evangelism.

Adventist Education 101: Introduction to Joy by Ricardo Graham
“If you are a teacher who is reading this, allow me to make this declaration: You are the hands and feet of Jesus! You are the embodiment of the message of grace—and your ministry is transformational and enduring. Thank you!”

#Childrenmatter by Marlene Alvarez
The children in our churches are a mission field, ready to encounter Jesus.

A Mother’s Hope by Deanne Snell
Reflecting on the efforts of her young son’s therapist and her own desire to free her son of being in his own little world, this mother makes  a powerful connection to how God feels about us and works to set us free.

The Joy of Learning by Berit van Pohle
“Joy is intrinsic to the educational process. It is with joy that we celebrate the success of our students. Joy is the anchor for our appreciation of our institutions and schools.”

Prized Possessions: Creative Ways Two Michigan Churches Are Financing Adventist Education by Rene Coffee and Kelli Miller
These churches have found two different ways to ensure all their families have the option of choosing Adventist schools.

The Joy of Teaching: How Teachers Know by Ray Tetz
Teachers share why they teach and what they love about their life’s work.

How to Heal Your Relational Humpty Dumpties: Tips for Apologizing by Natasha McWilliams-Nasser
Yes, even educators find themselves needing to apologize sometimes! These tips can help.

Education – What Is It Good For? by Alberto Valenzuela
Read how the author thoughtfully answers this classic question.

Adventist Education: Called to Lead by Steve Kibbee
Perhaps you can identify with this glimpse into the daily life of a busy principal, who at the end of the day is both exhausted and fulfilled.

Inaugural Pastor-Teacher Summit Fosters Unity and Understanding by Lauren Lacson
Learn how Southern California Conference brought pastors and teachers together to focus on their working together for their common mission.

A Non-Adventist Parent’s Perspective on Adventist Schools by Loren Divers
This interesting account shares how a motivated parent researched private school options, as well as the reasons he is happy he chose Adventist schools for his daughters.


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