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In Adventist News: July 2019

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Multigrade Adventist Schools: Dispelling the Myth by Betty Bayer
“When formal education began in North America, all schools were multigrade, most meeting in one-room schoolhouses. As education expanded, we came to believe that single-grade classrooms provided better education, but research has shown that this is simply not true.”

Learning from the Good Teacher: Spiritual Lessons from the Writing Classroom by Lindsey Gendke
Reflecting on fear and failure in the classroom, a writing instructor uses writing terminology to draw spiritual parallels.

Good Education by Mark Johnson
This quick look at Adventist education was written by the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada.

Thinking Beyond by Heather Grbic
Read how the Adventist Development and Relief Agency works to support education in Uganda.

In-Service Encourages Equitable Classrooms for All Students by Cynthia Mendoza
This overview describes a recent Southeastern California Conference in-service with the theme “Embracing and Appreciating Diversity and Equity in Our Schools.”

Why Adventist Christian Education Is Important to Me… by NPUC Academy Students
Six students from North Pacific Union Conference academies share what their schools mean to them.

The Big Picture of Education by Jordyn Boonstra
Written by a millennial, this reflective piece is a good reminder of why college students are blessed to be able to attend higher education.

STEM Education Grows in Washington by Craig Mattson
Adventist schools in Washington Conference and beyond are adding a variety of STEM activities to their classrooms.

The Haskap Project by Darren Shankel
Read how discovery/inquiry-based education is at the heart of a Canadian school’s agriculture project.

Challenges and Opportunities for Adventist Education in Mid-America by Louann Howard
Although written specifically about the Mid-America Union Conference, these points apply to many of our schools.

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