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TEACH Volume 13, Issue 1 (Part 2)

Continued from last week, here is part 2 of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education, Volume 13, Issue 1:

Reading in Minecraft: A Generation Alpha Case Study by Lauren Taylor and Sherene Hattingh
“This qualitative case study reports the Four Resource Model (FRM) reading practices used by a Generation Alpha while playing the game Minecraft. . . . This game presents a multimodal text which this child is able to successfully navigate while designing and creating a digital story in virtual spaces.”

Teaching YA Cancer Narratives: The Fault in Our Stars and Issues with Voicing Illness by Lynnette Lounsbury, Carolyn Rickett, Paul Race and Paul Bogacs
How do you feel about illness being promoted as a commodifiable literary product? “The aim of this paper is to provide some background context on illness narratives and offer a close reading of the young adult text, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, in order to highlight important issues such as the accurate and realistic portrayal of cancer, particularly in the lived experience of adolescent readers.”

Tatian and Basil: Differing Views Regarding the Pagan Educational System of Antiquity by Scott Rhodes
Should Christians take part in pagan education? Tatian believed no, but Basil “believed that Christians could benefit spiritually from this education if they experienced it selectively and wisely.”

The Writer’s Labyrinth: A Reflection on the Principles of Academic Writing, Part 1 by Sharon Kaye Judge
This writer and educator has found “the true source of the creative process by reflecting upon God as Creator in nature and through His Word.”

On Teaching the History of the Holocaust: A View from the United States by Matthew Brittingham
“Since we live [in] an age of some anxiety over the future of Holocaust memory and Holocaust education, educators should teach Holocaust history without flattening it, providing an approach that wrestles with the specificities of the Holocaust and contextual factors in the lives of individuals.”

Lingering in the Word: Author’s Take on How Daily Bible Reading Can Change Lives by Nathan Brown
In addition to being the Adventist Identity Officer for Adventist Schools Australia, Nina Atcheson is an author. Here she answers questions about her new book, As Light Lingers, and how our lives can be changed by spending time with the Bible.

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