TEACH Journal of Christian Education

TEACH Volume 13, Issue 1 (Part 1)

As Graeme Perry describes in his editorial, TEACH Journal of Adventist Education “aims to facilitate collaborative exchange of evidence-based classroom understandings, innovative practice and researched findings.” Additional articles in Volume 13, Issue 1 (2019) include:

Does Mindfulness Have a Place in a Christian School? by Bree Hills
Mindfulness exercises are gaining popularity as a way for schools to address wellness and mental health challenges in children. Read how Canberra Christian School in Australia explored “the idea of Christian mindfulness, its differences to secular mindfulness, and what benefits it may bring to a Christian school.”

Engagement and Habit Formation in the Classroom by Jotham Kingston
“How can teachers increase the effectiveness of their classroom practice, so that not only are ideas transferred, but so that students become people who shape their future and make the world a better place?” This paper looks at how to gain and maintain attention and how to make and break habits.

Wellbeing Notebook: Time-in or Time-out? Dealing with Stress-related Reactions of Indigenous Students by Joyanne Walsh and Beverly Christian
Rather than being alone to think, students receiving time-in are given the opportunity to work with a trusted adult to help regulate their bodies, thus allowing them to deal with issues in a positive and rational manner.

Frog Ponds and Baby Beanies: How One School Fosters Student and Teacher Wellbeing Through Connecting with their Community by Beverly Christian and Peter Charleson
Read how an Adventist high school in Australia fosters wellbeing through its service learning program.

Current and Ideal Performance Appraisal: Employee Perceptions in an Australian Faith-Based Education System by Peter Williams
“With teacher quality key to improving student performance, school education systems must consider the role of performance appraisal on both teacher and principal development and improvement. This article describes the perceptions of employees within a faith-based education system as to current and suggested improvements in performance appraisal processes.”

Check back next week for more articles from this issue.

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