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In Adventist News: October-December 2019

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Of Haystacks, Rook, and Potlucks: Study Links School Choice, Adventist Culture by Darla Martin Tucker
“Do anecdotal experiences constitute a denominational culture, and are cultural practices linked to Adventist K-12 school enrollment in America? A doctoral study by La Sierra University Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Aimee Leukert recently produced intriguing answers to these questions.”

Head of the Class by Edwin Manuel Garcia
Read how the Advancement of Christian Education Academy Leadership Coaching initiative in the Atlantic Union Conference is bringing experts and educators together in coaching relationships to help principals grow their skills in the many areas required of school leaders.

The Education Evangelist by Jerrell Gilkeson
In addition to a committed superintendent and conference president, employing an education evangelist to “cast a vision for growing schools, [find] and [enroll] students, and preach like children’s lives depended on their decision” can make a big difference.

Every Child, Everywhere, In School by Heather Grbic
One out of every five children is not receiving an education. Read how the Adventist Development and Relief Agency is working to combat this globally.

Our New M.Ed. in School Counseling by Washington Adventist University
Are you looking to advance your skills in reaching students who are lonely, depressed, bullied, addicted, abused, or anxious? After 18 months of study, Washington Adventist University’s new nontraditional, 48 credit hour degree allows you to “offer psychological counseling, identify learning disabilities, assist students in choosing potential career paths, serve as a liaison between the student and parent, [and] improve student learning and teaching efficacy.“

Evangelism at Its Finest by Phil Hudema
The British Columbia Conference knows “Adventist education is the most effective way of evangelizing people who may never otherwise come to know about the Adventist faith.”

Alumnus Takes Faith Journey to Create Bear Canyon Farm by Jeni Schmidt
This interesting story shares how one young family is developing an agricultural program at their local academy, providing both financial benefit to the school and academic benefit to the students.

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