JAE 2019-4

Journal of Adventist Education

A fast-paced, robust classroom full of conversation, activity, and creativity can be a great learning environment, but what if some students find it stressful? In her editorial titled Speak Up, Annalee! Creating Safe Places for Students to Thrive, Faith-Ann McGarrell discusses a balanced approach. Planning time for quiet mindfulness in the classroom is beneficial. Additional articles in Volume 81, Issue 4 (2019) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

​​Feedback as a Conversation: The Power of Bidirectional Feedback by Julie Cook
“Feedback needs to be more than just a teacher responding to a student, whether in conversation or in writing, about a single assignment.”

Inclusive Curricula, Pedagogies, and Environments in the Social Studies Classroom by Janie Daniel Hubbard
“Defining learning outcomes is a primary challenge in teaching and learning about diversity; thus, adopting and practicing culturally responsive ideology responds to all students’ needs by focusing on inclusive curricula, pedagogies, and environments.”

Research and the Search for Truth by John Wesley Taylor V
“While research is fundamentally a search for new knowledge, that knowledge should also be trustworthy, a true and accurate reflection of reality.”

When a School Board Member Goes “Rogue” by Robert Crux
“Although Seventh-day Adventist school boards have significant power to influence the schools under their care, they are not independent entities.”

Balancing Justice and Mercy in Classroom Assessment and Grading by Jerome Thayer
“In order for classroom assessment and grading procedures to be positive, fair, and accurate, teachers need a new framework to inform their assessment practices.”

Encouraging Children to Write Poetry by Ramona Hyman
Writing poetry helps “students grow into confident human beings because the discipline of writing inspires critical thinking.”


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