In Adventist News: May-June 2020

In Adventist News

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Dear North American Division Educators by Arne Nielsen
The North American Division’s Vice President for Education pens a note of encouragement and gratitude, as well as a challenge for the future.

Dealing with Change by Andrea Luxton
While change brings fear, it also brings possibility. Read how students and employees of Andrews University have continued to support each other and the wider community.

The Corona Slide Meets the Summer Slump by Leisa Morton-Standish
“This summer can we advance the losses by closing the screens and encouraging experiential learning and family bonding while continuing to build belonging in our school communities?” Try some ideas from this list and share your own!

UCA Launches Project-Based Learning Model by Krista Phillips
Upper Columbia Academy shares how various classes are learning through collaborative projects. Students are able to “experience a dynamic classroom approach that encourages problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills in real-life situations.”

Teachers Find New Ways to Engage with Students During the Pandemic by Cynthia Mendoza
Read how teachers in the Southeastern California Conference have continued to engage and interact with their students, despite being physically separated.

Adventist Education Continues in Spite of the Crisis by Lileth Coke
While unable to meet in person, Adventist schools in the Atlantic Union Conference “quickly readjusted their program to provide online learning and to provide services that cater to the social and emotional needs of the students.”

In Pursuit of Digital Citizens by Charity Espina
“A spiritually led guidance to connect a students’ mindset on being a digital disciple can bring discussion on topics like character education, moral ethics, and Christ-like behavior.” Follow these steps to set up a program at your school.

Doing School Online: Plenty of Tech Tools and a Learning Curve by Katie Fellows
Teachers in the Lake Union Conference adjusted to digital delivery while still providing hand-on learning experiences.


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