Author: Sharon Aka

Student giving presentation

RAFT Assignments & Rubrics to Engage Students in Learning

The RAFT method is an approach to engaging students, designing assignments and rubrics, and providin…

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Adults in a serious discussion.

Conflict Management & Resolution

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a sp…

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Teacher trying to get class's attention.

Signals for Quiet & The Transition Sequence

A lot of misbehavior in the classroom happens during and after transitions. Because of the difficult…

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Classroom Norms Part 2: Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Too often, teachers assume that students know how to behave in a virtual meeting.  In reality, thou…

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Classroom Norms Part 1: Face-to-Face Expectations

Classroom norms are critical when setting up expected behaviors in a classroom. Taking time to set u…

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Building Rapport: The Key to Good Classroom Management

Building rapport with students is absolutely essential to good classroom management. It is foundatio…

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Punishing the Group: What Messages are We Sending?

It is sometimes tempting as a teacher to punish an entire group for the misbehavior of one or more s…

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Classroom Intervention Strategies, Part 2: Medium and High Level Responses

In the first post in this series, we discussed low level responses to misbehavior in the classroom.…

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Classroom Intervention Strategies, Part 1: Low Level Responses

Every encounter between teachers and students matters. These encounters accumulate to help create th…

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