Category: World Divisions

Facing Fears and Insecurities

There are many reasons why an educator may feel insecure about themselves. An insecurity could arise…

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Working Worship: Glorifying God Through Speech

When I was called to serve as the chair and graduate program director of Andrews University’s Spe…

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Children on a nature walk

God, Beauty and Art: Teaching Students About the Artistry of Nature

Seeing a beautiful sunset always makes me think of God, and nature’s aesthetic often awakens me to…

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O professor adventista, o aluno pós-moderno e a indisciplina

Um dos grandes desafios para os professores é conciliar a personalidade e a teoria que aprenderam d…

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Lunch break. Company of three young personalities having delicious lunch break in nature

Teaching and Learning about Spiritual Friendship (Part One)

Back in the early 90s, one of the greatest joys of my undergrad educational experience was the oppor…

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Back to school education concept with kid (elementary student girl) carrying backpacks going, running to class on school first day and walking up building stair happily

Investing in our Children

“South side of the Tree of Life — don’t forget.” This stern admonition came from my gray-hai…

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Ценность христианского образования

Что такое хорошо и что такое плохо? Этот вопрос в стихо…

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Portrait of smiling african american student looking at cellphone

Using Technology to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

As a college student, I would bring my laptop to class to take notes on and, while I would occasiona…

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A young person (not recognizable) points the finger on Africa while another person (not recognizable) holding the earth globe. They are choosing a place to vacation or they are young students who are studying geography.

Diversity on Campus: The Role Educators Serve (Part 2)

In college, all students are required to perform at the same standard level of proficiency without c…

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