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Children with rucksacks running in the park near school. Pupils with books and backpacks outdoors

School for Life

“My daughter felt accepted” a father said to me during this year’s graduation ceremony with 83…

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What a Saucepan Can Teach About Redemption – Part 2

Jesus often used simple object lessons from everyday life to illustrate deep insights, and we can do…

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Female teacher addressing university students in a classroom

Pedagogical Bridges

Who doesn’t remember the day when he/she finished his/her upper course? It is an unforgettable…

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What a Saucepan Can Teach about Redemption

For efficient teaching it is very important to have a curriculum and to plan and prepare every lesso…

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Portrait of elementary school kids and teacher in corridor

Delimitando un espacio en el que Educar sea Redimir

Familias, iglesias y escuelas, todos somos llamados a educar y redimir a los hijos de Dios. Desde aq…

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Education Leadership: a profession or a ministry?

One of the most important problems that I have been confronting in my work is related to the challen…

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Communication & Cooperation

Communication is a basic process in the life of any community. It is especially important in a learn…

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Woman working on the computer.

The Teacher is the Center

Many professions today are being threatened because human jobs are being replaced by technology. If…

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Learning by Teaching: New Insights from God’s Two Textbooks

One of the things I love about teaching is that by teaching, I often learn something new about God f…

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