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Silhouette of man praying in church in sunset light, toned

What Is Adventist Identity?

The elements in this blog arose out of talking with administrators, teaching staff and students in A…

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A Miracle in painting the world’s portrait of God to Students

As an Adventist teacher of Geography, one of the topics I often emphasize is the “The Creation wor…

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Students working in small groups

Active Learning in Small Groups

The rapidity, intensity, and volume of information available online can encourage passive rather tha…

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Young teacher learning kids basic words in english

Tips for the First Years of Teaching

Geography has always fascinated me, so it was not surprising that I became an Adventist teacher of g…

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Orienting Students to the Adventist Lifestyle

The 21st century world offers a complex lifestyle model devoid of godliness and pervasively seculari…

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Education Through Active Community Service

One of the most-used buzz words of the 21st century related to successful career outcomes is “soft…

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Reconciling Faith and Social Science Content Instruction

Today’s society is presenting Adventist educators around the world with some of the greatest chall…

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Adventist Education: An Eternal Focus

The word Eternity was featured over the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the 21st millennium New Year ce…

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Adventist Education: Home, School and Church Working Together

When I was interviewing a family for my dissertation, the father reflected on values reinforcement a…

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