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TEACH Volume 12, Issue 2

Concern for the overall wellbeing of our children and adolescents is growing. In his editorial, Gra…

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Happy smiling girl listening stories from book read by teacher at library. School children listening to fairy tale book in preschool read by woman at school. Portrait of young girl sitting besides boy looking at woman holding book.

15 Tips for Telling Bible Stories

Bible stories can foster young children’s spiritual awareness, biblical knowledge and faith format…

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Parents and students walking down a primary school corridor. the parents are looking at some paperwork and the children are talking.

Integrated Service: A Vision for Adventist ECEC

Adventist early childhood education and care centres offer unique opportunities for communities of e…

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Cheerful carefree young multiethnic students in casual clothing sitting together in lecture room and discussing project while brainstorming at break

Integrating Classroom Devotionals and Lesson Content

While teaching pre-service teachers, I have always begun my classes with a devotional thought and pr…

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What Is Adventist Identity?

The elements in this blog arose out of talking with administrators, teaching staff and students in A…

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A Miracle in painting the world’s portrait of God to Students

As an Adventist teacher of Geography, one of the topics I often emphasize is the “The Creation wor…

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Students working in small groups

Active Learning in Small Groups

The rapidity, intensity, and volume of information available online can encourage passive rather tha…

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Young teacher learning kids basic words in english

Tips for the First Years of Teaching

Geography has always fascinated me, so it was not surprising that I became an Adventist teacher of g…

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Orienting Students to the Adventist Lifestyle

The 21st century world offers a complex lifestyle model devoid of godliness and pervasively seculari…

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