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Como tornar o culto escolar especial

O início da aula deve ser um momento de meditação, um momento especial e interessante para os alu…

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Education in China: The Best and Worst of Times

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the education system under Hong Kong and Macau Conferen…

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Transtorno de Ansiedade em crianças

Diante de tantos estímulos e o excesso de informações em constante aceleração, não é de se es…

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A young person (not recognizable) points the finger on Africa while another person (not recognizable) holding the earth globe. They are choosing a place to vacation or they are young students who are studying geography.

Diversity on Campus: The Role Educators Serve (Part 2)

In college, all students are required to perform at the same standard level of proficiency without c…

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Multi-ethnic group of young people looking at a tablet computer outdoors in urban background. Group of men and woman sitting together on steps.

Diversity on Campus: The Role that Educators Serve (Part 1)

Did you ever read, as a child, those giant, blue books called “The Bible Story”?  Every Seventh…

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A happy group of teenage students smile as they make their way to their classes for university. They are carrying their bags, books and technology with them.

Indigenizing Christian Education: A lot More than Integration

Indigenous people and the Christian church have had a nuanced history that is fresh in the minds of…

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Smiling female teacher looking at schoolchildren touching globe in classroom

Adventures with Enactus

“Push yourself,” I told George, a student in my 1991 macroeconomics class. “Business isn’t a…

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Low back pain.

Cuide da sua postura e viva sem dor

Ficar em pé por horas, sentar, gesticular, escrever, carregar o material para dar aula, entre outra…

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Joy family art, happy father and son show hands in bright colors, paint together picture, art for whole family, cheerful drawing teacher. Home education with parents. Happy childhood. Hands in paint

You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed how educators gather teaching ideas from a variety sources. Now, how do teac…

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