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Facing Fears and Insecurities

There are many reasons why an educator may feel insecure about themselves. An insecurity could arise…

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Working Worship: Glorifying God Through Speech

When I was called to serve as the chair and graduate program director of Andrews University’s Spe…

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Back to school education concept with kid (elementary student girl) carrying backpacks going, running to class on school first day and walking up building stair happily

Investing in our Children

“South side of the Tree of Life — don’t forget.” This stern admonition came from my gray-hai…

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Copy space an alarm clock with woman hand showing succes sign deadline concept

One-Minute Lessons on Science and Faith

It takes just a mere minute to pray and read a Bible verse at the beginning of class every day. Befo…

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College Student Making Presentation In CAD/3D Printing Class

Leading When You Cannot Speak

As we draw closer to the return of Christ, it becomes more and more urgent for us as a people to ref…

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Teacher helping young african boy with homework. Happy teacher helping her student at elementary school. Portrait of woman teaching to schoolchild in classroom. Elementary school teacher helping students.

The Grace to Teach

We must teach with grace because of grace, and by grace. What kind of grace? Scandalous grace! Grace…

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Christians and Bible study concept.Meeting the people of Christ religion, Group of christians studying the word of god in church and praying together

Make Bible Class a Spiritual Journey

I have taught in Russia, the Philippines, South Korea, and the United States. Despite all these expe…

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Religion, Christianity, Praying. Man praying, hands clasped together on her Bible.

My Morning Dialogue with Jesus

Several times a week I begin my morning devotions with a prayer of dialogue between Jesus and me, wi…

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Christian Education Themed BackgroundChristian Education Themed Background

The Classroom as a Sanctuary

I never imagined myself working daily in a classroom setting. Memories of my mind drifting in class,…

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