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Projeto Festa dos Triângulos

A aprendizagem da matemática e das formas é muito importante para as crianças. Na visão de Loren…

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Feedback Agents and the Adventures of Caramel

Can young students share oral presentations with confidence? Can little ones provide meaningful peer…

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School children working in highschool class

Literacy Strategy Supporting Self-Regulation

Educators are always looking for ways to promote literacy and self-regulated learning. Recently, I d…

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Woman reading the Bible.

8 Approaches to Values Education

So you've read and heard a lot about why we teach Christian values. But have you wished for more ide…

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Adventist Education: Curriculum Emphasis

I was sitting in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister in a Pacific country. He commented that he…

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Transformational Teaching: An Adventist Worldview

To articulate the foundational worldview from which an Adventist teacher delivers the Australian Nat…

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Contacto con la Naturaleza y Responsabilidad Social

Las personas desconocen de dónde venimos y a dónde vamos. Los valores se han vuelto relativos. Y c…

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