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Pupil writing on the board at elementary school maths class

Employment Equity Encouraged (Part 2)

Before Andrews University became the largest Christian university or college in the state of Michiga…

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Schoolgirl and teacher playing acoustic guitar in music class

Employment Equity Encouraged (Part 1)

If you want your school to succeed you need to hire visionary, self-sacrificing staff like Gloria, M…

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Student giving presentation

RAFT Assignments & Rubrics to Engage Students in Learning

The RAFT method is an approach to engaging students, designing assignments and rubrics, and providin…

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What a Saucepan Can Teach about Redemption

For efficient teaching it is very important to have a curriculum and to plan and prepare every lesso…

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Teacher trying to get class's attention.

Signals for Quiet & The Transition Sequence

A lot of misbehavior in the classroom happens during and after transitions. Because of the difficult…

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Target with arrows

SMART Goals: Helping Students Set Goals Effectively

Students often want to do better, but fail to improve because they don’t know how to set appropr…

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Classroom Norms Part 2: Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Too often, teachers assume that students know how to behave in a virtual meeting.  In reality, thou…

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Young teacher learning kids basic words in english

Tips for the First Years of Teaching

Geography has always fascinated me, so it was not surprising that I became an Adventist teacher of g…

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Classroom Norms Part 1: Face-to-Face Expectations

Classroom norms are critical when setting up expected behaviors in a classroom. Taking time to set u…

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