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Uplifting the Sacred Art of Music in the Classroom

I’ll never forget the day when my first-grade student walked into music class complaining about ho…

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Young male classical musician with a guitar

Cultivating Diversity in Music Theory Class

How did the song that Moses and Miriam composed after the parting of the Red Sea sound? Or how would…

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Teacher and kids examining rock in park

Creative Thinking: Using Natural Objects

“Critical thinking” is currently a buzzword in education. It truly is an important life skill. H…

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Helping Students Understand Grade Point Averages

A few years back, one of my high school Seniors told me that she wanted to know what she could do to…

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Successful young woman in modern office working on laptop.

Teaching Students about Alternatives to College

As educators, we frequently remind students of the value of attending traditional 4-year colleges, a…

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Teacher is sitting in the classroom with her primary school students, reading a story to them.

Contar uma história com criatividade

Alguma vez você já ouviu um adulto contando histórias com uma voz infantilizada, como se estivess…

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A group of children sit on the floor cross legged, listening to the teacher read a story.

A arte de contar histórias

Adultos e crianças gostam de ouvir, imaginar e acompanhar uma história bem contada. Antes de tudo,…

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Joy family art, happy father and son show hands in bright colors, paint together picture, art for whole family, cheerful drawing teacher. Home education with parents. Happy childhood. Hands in paint

You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed how educators gather teaching ideas from a variety sources. Now, how do teac…

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Teacher helping a disabled pupil at the elementary school

Qualities of a Christian Inclusive Teacher

"Teachers are to watch over their students, as the shepherd watches over the flock entrusted to his…

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