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Teaching Students Online

There are so many myths and misconceptions about online learning. Most support the idea that high-qu…

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Children on a nature walk

God, Beauty and Art: Teaching Students About the Artistry of Nature

Seeing a beautiful sunset always makes me think of God, and nature’s aesthetic often awakens me to…

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Lunch break. Company of three young personalities having delicious lunch break in nature

Teaching and Learning about Spiritual Friendship (Part One)

Back in the early 90s, one of the greatest joys of my undergrad educational experience was the oppor…

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Portrait of smiling african american student looking at cellphone

Using Technology to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

As a college student, I would bring my laptop to class to take notes on and, while I would occasiona…

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Male Tutor Teaching University Students In Classroom

Help! How Will I Learn All These Names?!

The beginning of a new school year, semester, or quarter is often filled with lots of excitement and…

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Students solving problem quiz in classroom behind blackboard

How to Help Students Remember What They Have Learned

What Teachers Can Do? Start each class with an inspiring prayer, poem, quotation or musical sel…

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Uplifting the Sacred Art of Music in the Classroom

I’ll never forget the day when my first-grade student walked into music class complaining about ho…

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Young male classical musician with a guitar

Cultivating Diversity in Music Theory Class

How did the song that Moses and Miriam composed after the parting of the Red Sea sound? Or how would…

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Teacher and kids examining rock in park

Creative Thinking: Using Natural Objects

“Critical thinking” is currently a buzzword in education. It truly is an important life skill. H…

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