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Brilliant Young Mathematician Approaches Big Blackboard and Finishes writing Sophisticated Mathematical Formula/ Equation.

Integrating Faith and Mathematics

When it comes to seeking and creating opportunities to connect students with the Word of God, Christ…

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Cute pupil writing at desk in classroom at the elementary school. Student girl doing test in primary school. Children writing notes in classroom. African schoolgirl writing on notebook during the lesson.

Diseñando actividades que desarrollen competencias (Parte 3)

En este artículo final de la serie, nos abocaremos al tratamiento de la información como una total…

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Young unrecognisable female college student in class, taking notes and using highlighter. Focused student in classroom. Authentic Education concept.

Cómo diseñar actividades que desarrollen competencias (Parte 2)

En este segundo artículo abordaremos la competencia de analizar críticamente la información. Esta…

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Teacher among school kids using computers in class

Diseñando actividades que desarrollen competencias (Parte 1)

Esta es una serie de tres artículos donde vamos a presentar actividades de aprendizaje que pueden a…

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Professor helping a student in classroom at college

Weighing Pigs, Learning and Educating

Education and learning, for good reason, go together. As we teach, do we assume the learner learns a…

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Teacher asking her students a question at the elementary school

Desafiando o aprender

Ensinar de forma lúdica e prazerosa é um dos grandes desafios do professor moderno. Com o objetivo…

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Closeup face of happy multiethnic children embracing each other and smiling at camera. Team of smiling kids embracing together in a circle. Portrait of young boy and pretty girls looking at camera.

Projeto Felicidade

Em um mundo consumista onde os valores são trocados e a vidas das pessoas parece valer cada vez men…

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Young Asian man university student reading book in library, education research and self learning in university life concepts

Mere Reflectors: A Critical Conceptual Examination

Ellen White's challenge to train our “youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men's…

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Multiracial businessmen negotiate discuss project talking at work, african and caucasian colleagues brainstorm new idea in office, black entrepreneur explaining corporate teamwork to white coworker

Why Learn Another Language?

I originally hated the English language. At age 11 I was required to take English lessons and was no…

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