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Mere Reflectors: A Critical Conceptual Examination

Ellen White's challenge to train our “youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men's…

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Multiracial businessmen negotiate discuss project talking at work, african and caucasian colleagues brainstorm new idea in office, black entrepreneur explaining corporate teamwork to white coworker

Why Learn Another Language?

I originally hated the English language. At age 11 I was required to take English lessons and was no…

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Students working in small groups

Active Learning in Small Groups

The rapidity, intensity, and volume of information available online can encourage passive rather tha…

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Confiar es la clave

Enseñar es una función compleja que implica varios obstáculos, fracasos y frustraciones. Es bueno…

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Mas ele é tão inteligente!

Os pais de Rodrigo* foram chamados na escola por causa de uma gravíssima ação de seu filho. Após…

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Four Learning Styles

According to the Learning Styles theoretical framework, there are four types of learners. Each of th…

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God, the Source of All Languages

Understanding languages is useful for us, especially in our communication with God and people. Langu…

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Seeing Words Backwards

As an instructor at Providence College, I once asked my graduate class, comprised entirely of elemen…

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Como estruturar aulas que favoreçam a aprendizagem?

Green, destaca três pressupostos teóricos para embasar a prática pedagógica da educação advent…

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