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Curious man reading old book in his library at home. Retro style

Integrating Faith and Learning in Psychology and Counseling

As a teacher at Washington Adventist University, I always open my psychology and counseling classes…

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Middle aged mother enjoying in conversation with her small girl.

Los cuatro pilares de la educación adventista (Parte 2)

En la primera parte de esta exploración, identificamos los cuatro pilares de la educación: obedien…

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Schoolboy stands in front of the school door. Back to school.

Los cuatro pilares de la educación adventista (Parte 1)

Muchos educadores y filósofos han opinado sobre cuáles deben ser los pilares de la educación. ¿…

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A Faith for Today: Saving the Planet

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” With these words the Creator summed up his…

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Parents and students walking down a primary school corridor. the parents are looking at some paperwork and the children are talking.

Integrated Service: A Vision for Adventist ECEC

Adventist early childhood education and care centres offer unique opportunities for communities of e…

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Parent and children holding hands and praying together on blue wooden table

Projeto Baú de Orações

Nem todos os alunos têm a oportunidade de ter em casa um bom ambiente espiritual. Não importa a id…

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Silhouette of man praying in church in sunset light, toned

What Is Adventist Identity?

The elements in this blog arose out of talking with administrators, teaching staff and students in A…

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The father is holding the hand of the baby. Father's and baby's hands. Family concept

Done Made My Vow—Up to Shiloh

“Then she took him up to Shiloh” (1 Samuel 1:24). “Done made my vow to the Lord, and I neve…

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mother and child daughter draws are engaged in creativity in kindergarten

Ser ou não ser professor?

Você já deve ter ouvido várias vezes a célebre frase de Sócrates: Conhece-te a ti mesmo. O…

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