Category: Reflective Practice

Depressed teen student helplessly stares at his reflection in bathroom mirror.

13 Reasons Why or 200 Reasons to Live – Part 1

Everything started right before the 2017 summer vacation. The television series Thirteen Reasons Why…

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A Miracle in painting the world’s portrait of God to Students

As an Adventist teacher of Geography, one of the topics I often emphasize is the “The Creation wor…

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What a Saucepan Can Teach About Redemption – Part 2

Jesus often used simple object lessons from everyday life to illustrate deep insights, and we can do…

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Person planning with a phone on his desk.

Como ajudar os alunos a usarem as mídias sociais de maneira positiva

As pessoas que utilizam as mídias sociais para acompanhar conteúdo religioso acabam substituindo e…

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Kids using a smart phone.

A importância da educação cristã para a geração das redes sociais

É inquestionável entre estudiosos que as experiências digitais têm impactado diretamente na form…

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O impacto das mídias sociais nas crenças e valores

O surgimento das mídias sociais revolucionou a forma como a sociedade se comunica. Em novembro de 2…

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Woman working on the computer.

The Teacher is the Center

Many professions today are being threatened because human jobs are being replaced by technology. If…

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What is the Norm of Behavior?

Seventeen students were killed by a former student of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on Febru…

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Education: Building Community for Eternity

The Bible is comprised of an abundance of stories that convey the theme of unity. The Garden of Eden…

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