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Flexible Seating: What, Why, and How!

Our students’ brains LOVE and NEED all these elements in the learning process: music, art, reading…

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Christian Education Themed BackgroundChristian Education Themed Background

The Classroom as a Sanctuary

I never imagined myself working daily in a classroom setting. Memories of my mind drifting in class,…

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teacher indergarten upset and failure to quell quited naughty of the boys in class at preschool kids argument

Une leçon bien apprise

Dans notre classe de pédagogie on nous a souvent répété que l’enfant n’est pas un adulte en…

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A modern panoramic classroom with New York view. White tables and white chairs. 3D rendering.

Building Walls or Futures?

Studies connecting the school physical facility with student achievement are not new. Early research…

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dynamic running uphill on trail male athlete runner side view

Healthy Schools

The apostle Paul used an analogy of the human body to demonstrate the functions of the church as an…

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The School Environment: Another Family

Ethan* came to my small Adventist school in New York City as a Freshman. He stood out from the other…

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Family praying

Um Irmão de Respeito

“Todo aquele que faz a vontade de Deus é meu irmão, minha irmã, e minha mãe.” (Marcos 3:35)…

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Jesus thinking

Que Tenho Eu Contigo?

“Mulher, que tenho eu contigo? Ainda não é chegada a minha hora.” (João 2:4) Já se passa…

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Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus

O Silêncio de Maria

“Porém eles não compreenderam o que Ele quis dizer. Então Ele voltou para Nazaré, e era obedie…

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