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Happy couple being attended by office worker at office

Customer Service—What’s your Brand?

“Be Kindly Affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another”. Rom…

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Education Leadership: a profession or a ministry?

One of the most important problems that I have been confronting in my work is related to the challen…

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A person reading the Bible.

Integración Fe Enseñanza

“Pongan en práctica lo que de mí han aprendido, recibido y oído, y lo que han visto en mí, y e…

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Learning by Teaching: New Insights from God’s Two Textbooks

One of the things I love about teaching is that by teaching, I often learn something new about God f…

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Gestão de curso de Jornalismo: O melhor remédio para a liberdade*

No contexto acadêmico e profissional, o adventismo recém-adentrou no período pelo qual o Jornalis…

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Gestão de curso de Jornalismo: Fortalecendo a cooperação e o significado de missão*

Nem todos aqueles que assumem a responsabilidade de uma coordenação de curso de Jornalismo contam…

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Strategies for Teacher Improvement

Take a look at our favorite resources on teacher improvement, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE. Exp…

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School Leadership Courses

The courses listed below are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community (ALC) for con…

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A Qualidade é Grátis

O que tinha em mente Philip Crosby quando em 1979 publicou seu livro A qualidade é grátis (Quality…

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