Top view of potter standing near pottery wheel and holding hands together

Mind Over Matter

“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5). See also Romans 12:2…

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Hands of cropped woman teacher grading tests at school.

Limits of Self-Evaluation

When I compare the latest educational trends to my own time in school, I notice that it becomes more…

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Happy young family sitting on couch and talking with family counselor. Smiling parents with adopted children discussing with counselor. Multiethnic family meeting a financial agent.

Como organizar uma Escola de Pais

Na primeira parte dessa série de artigos você viu a importância do trabalho da Escola de Pais. Na…

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School children working in highschool class

Literacy Strategy Supporting Self-Regulation

Educators are always looking for ways to promote literacy and self-regulated learning. Recently, I d…

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The father is holding the hand of the baby. Father's and baby's hands. Family concept

Done Made My Vow—Up to Shiloh

“Then she took him up to Shiloh” (1 Samuel 1:24). “Done made my vow to the Lord, and I neve…

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Close Up Of Mother And Daughter Leaving For School

Como começar uma Escola de Pais

Um dos objetivos básicos do sistema educacional adventista é oferecer uma educação integral aos…

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dynamic running uphill on trail male athlete runner side view

Healthy Schools

The apostle Paul used an analogy of the human body to demonstrate the functions of the church as an…

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Teenage students and their teacher sitting in circle and discussing points for term exam


Being a teacher is an unpredictable adventure that will help us learn about both ourselves and other…

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mother and child daughter draws are engaged in creativity in kindergarten

Ser ou não ser professor?

Você já deve ter ouvido várias vezes a célebre frase de Sócrates: Conhece-te a ti mesmo. O…

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