Christian Education Themed BackgroundChristian Education Themed Background

The Classroom as a Sanctuary

I never imagined myself working daily in a classroom setting. Memories of my mind drifting in class,…

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Attractive young woman holding a tablet at home

In Adventist News: February-March 2019

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interes…

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Portrait of a happy multiethnic children holding books and wearing backpack at primary school. Schoolboys and cute girls in a row holding notebook and looking at camera. Portrait of a elementary child smiling.

Los cuatro pilares de la educación adventista (Parte 3)

La educación adventista manifiesta que existen cuatro pilares de la educación de un niño: obedien…

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Curious man reading old book in his library at home. Retro style

Integrating Faith and Learning in Psychology and Counseling

As a teacher at Washington Adventist University, I always open my psychology and counseling classes…

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Businessman stopping domino effect with his finger. Security and insurance concept.

Lead by Investing in People

"When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, t…

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Middle aged mother enjoying in conversation with her small girl.

Los cuatro pilares de la educación adventista (Parte 2)

En la primera parte de esta exploración, identificamos los cuatro pilares de la educación: obedien…

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Partnering with Parents: Topical Training

Help your students thrive by building stronger families through short, engaging, easy-to-read newsle…

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teacher indergarten upset and failure to quell quited naughty of the boys in class at preschool kids argument

Une leçon bien apprise

Dans notre classe de pédagogie on nous a souvent répété que l’enfant n’est pas un adulte en…

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Schoolboy stands in front of the school door. Back to school.

Los cuatro pilares de la educación adventista (Parte 1)

Muchos educadores y filósofos han opinado sobre cuáles deben ser los pilares de la educación. ¿…

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