A Faith for Today: Saving the Planet

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” With these words the Creator summed up his…

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Teacher teaching kids on digital tablet in classroom at school

Seeing Yourself Through Their Eyes

Occasionally a sensational story about a public school teacher involved in an alleged illegal or imm…

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Low back pain.

Cuide da sua postura e viva sem dor

Ficar em pé por horas, sentar, gesticular, escrever, carregar o material para dar aula, entre outra…

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Professor helping a student in classroom at college

Weighing Pigs, Learning and Educating

Education and learning, for good reason, go together. As we teach, do we assume the learner learns a…

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Religion, Christianity, Praying. Man praying, hands clasped together on her Bible.

The Two-Minute Rule for Habit Formation

When I was a young mom, a popular Adventist speaker frequently traveled around the country to tell h…

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Educación Adventista: Diciembre 2018 – Enero 2019

Educación Adventista es una organización que se basa en principios bíblicos y valores permanentes…

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Happy smiling girl listening stories from book read by teacher at library. School children listening to fairy tale book in preschool read by woman at school. Portrait of young girl sitting besides boy looking at woman holding book.

15 Tips for Telling Bible Stories

Bible stories can foster young children’s spiritual awareness, biblical knowledge and faith format…

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Teacher and kids examining rock in park

Creative Thinking: Using Natural Objects

“Critical thinking” is currently a buzzword in education. It truly is an important life skill. H…

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Woman reading online news on digital tablet, close up of hands using device

Educación Editorial ACES: Nov-Dic 2018

La Asociación Casa Editora Sudamericana (ACES) es dedicada a proveer publicaciones en español y su…

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