Happy couple being attended by office worker at office

Customer Service—What’s your Brand?

“Be Kindly Affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another”. Rom…

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Mother's hand giving young tree to a child for planting together in green nature background

Uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus (parte 1)

A escola existe para orientar e proporcionar ao individuo possibilidades e caminhos de aprendizado.…

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A Miracle in painting the world’s portrait of God to Students

As an Adventist teacher of Geography, one of the topics I often emphasize is the “The Creation wor…

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wireless technology could be very useful

Having your Own “PLN” for Professional Development

Not everyone relishes a professional development seminar. We need to play a proactive part to ensure…

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Child cannot concentrate because of Asperger's syndrome during therapy with young female therapist

Pedagogia Hospitalar: Projeto Desejos do Coração (parte 2)

Como mostramos no artigo anterior (publicado na semana passada) o projeto Desejos do Coração foi u…

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Student giving presentation

RAFT Assignments & Rubrics to Engage Students in Learning

The RAFT method is an approach to engaging students, designing assignments and rubrics, and providin…

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What a Saucepan Can Teach About Redemption – Part 2

Jesus often used simple object lessons from everyday life to illustrate deep insights, and we can do…

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Pedagogia Hospitalar: Projeto Desejos do Coração (parte 1)

A Pedagogia Hospitalar atua em duas grandes áreas no espaço hospitalar: a área acadêmica, atrav…

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Female teacher addressing university students in a classroom

Pedagogical Bridges

Who doesn’t remember the day when he/she finished his/her upper course? It is an unforgettable…

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