A modern panoramic classroom with New York view. White tables and white chairs. 3D rendering.

Building Walls or Futures?

Studies connecting the school physical facility with student achievement are not new. Early research…

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A group of children sit on the floor cross legged, listening to the teacher read a story.

A arte de contar histórias

Adultos e crianças gostam de ouvir, imaginar e acompanhar uma história bem contada. Antes de tudo,…

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In Adventist News: November-December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, catch up on Adventist education news from across the North American Divisi…

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Young Asian man using the laptop in the living room.

ALC Courses: Faith-Based and Free!

Is your denominational certificate renewal sneaking up on you? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to…

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Little girl holding a vegetable outdoors with her mother. Daughter holding young beetroot plant with mother in the farm. Little girl helping her mother in the garden

Projeto Aprendendo na Fazenda (Parte 2)

A primeira parte da série de artigos abordou sobre o projeto relacionar a teoria com a prática atr…

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Joy family art, happy father and son show hands in bright colors, paint together picture, art for whole family, cheerful drawing teacher. Home education with parents. Happy childhood. Hands in paint

You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed how educators gather teaching ideas from a variety sources. Now, how do teac…

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Woman backpacker holding passport and map with suitcase standing at check in baggage at airport terminal,traveler concept.

5 Ways to Travel Beyond Stereotypes

International travelers have many preconceived ideas about the country of Italy and the people who l…

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Two little girl feeding chickens

Projeto Aprendendo na Fazenda (Parte 1)

Aprendendo na Fazenda é uma proposta de trabalho pedagógico cujo principal objetivo é o aprendiza…

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You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 1)

Although grammatically incorrect, the word teacherpreneur is increasingly appearing in some extraord…

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