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In Adventist News: October 2018

Last summer’s convention was a popular topic in this month’s NAD union publications. Read all ab…

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Cold lunch objects against blank black board

Chalk and Cheese

Owing to the extent of alteration in all kinds of products today, ‘organic’ has become a househo…

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Portrait of black teenage girl by lockers in school corridor

Projeto Garotas Brilhantes (Parte 3)

Na primeira parte desta série de artigos falamos sobre como começou o Projeto e os objetivos. Nest…

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teenage girl suffering with depression in a conversation with a therapist

200 Reasons to Live – Part 4

Although the following signs may help to identify when a student is in danger, the list is not compr…

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Teenage Students Sitting Examination With Teacher Invigilating

Values Core to Adventist Educator Preparation?

When I lived in the United States and worked as a pastor, I quite often heard the same question. “…

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Teacher asking question

Projeto Garotas Brilhantes (Parte 2)

Como falamos no primeiro artigo desta série publicado na semana anterior, começamos o projeto com…

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Student girl writing with a pencil in a notebook. Back to school concept photo, view over the head

200 Reasons to Live – Part 3

#Thewritingchallenge Right after the school year ended, I began to do a research to find reasons…

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Group of business people working together in office on desktop computer

International Forum Volume 21, Number 1

Diversity. It is a concept that has been growing within the journal over the past few years and is n…

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Young students on campus

Projeto Garotas Brilhantes (Parte 1)

As pesquisas têm mostrado que quando meninas têm acesso a educação elas casam mais tarde, cuida…

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