Woman working on the computer.

The Teacher is the Center

Many professions today are being threatened because human jobs are being replaced by technology. If…

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Educational Leadership

Take a look at our favorite resources for educational leadership, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE.…

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Man reading the Bible.

El poder de una vida consecuente – parte 2: La educación no se limita a impartir conocimientos

En la primera parte de esta serie demostramos que nuestra forma de vivir afecta de un modo determina…

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What is the Norm of Behavior?

17 students were killed by a former student of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14,…

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Leave No Student Behind in Cyberspace! Innovative Strategies for Online Teachers

Are you stuck trying to find ways to improve your online classes? During a recent conference, I live…

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Person reading the Bible.

El poder de una vida consecuente – parte 1: Cristo como el gran modelo

Los educadores cristianos tienen en Cristo el modelo supremo. Nunca hubo ni habrá un maestro como …

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Building Rapport: The Key to Good Classroom Management

Building rapport with students is absolutely essential to good classroom management. It is foundatio…

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Orienting Students to the Adventist Lifestyle

The 21st century world offers a complex lifestyle model devoid of godliness and pervasively seculari…

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Educação Adventista em um Projeto Social

No início de 2000, começamos um novo desafio missionário na cidade de Olímpia, no Brasil. Nosso…

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