Scientist or archaeologist holding stones or minerals in hands. People with samples of archeology in the hands of.

Origins Number 65

Sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Geoscience Research Institute’s mission is “t…

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Group Of Students Using Computers In College Library

JAE 2018-3: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Adventist Schools

With a special section titled “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Adventist Schools,” Volume 80,…

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Excited teacher looking at group of students while explaining his subject

Código de ética del docente cristiano

Todas las profesiones elaboran, se forman y ejercen su práctica bajo un código que responde a una…

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Successful young woman in modern office working on laptop.

Teaching Students about Alternatives to College

As educators, we frequently remind students of the value of attending traditional 4-year colleges, a…

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Young Asian man university student reading book in library, education research and self learning in university life concepts

Mere Reflectors: A Critical Conceptual Examination

Ellen White's challenge to train our “youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men's…

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Teacher is sitting in the classroom with her primary school students, reading a story to them.

Contar uma história com criatividade

Alguma vez você já ouviu um adulto contando histórias com uma voz infantilizada, como se estivess…

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Hands of cropped woman teacher grading tests at school.

Poetry Scores: Yours, Mine, and Theirs

As an educator, I continually struggle with knowing how to best evaluate writing assignments. Do I u…

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A modern panoramic classroom with New York view. White tables and white chairs. 3D rendering.

Building Walls or Futures?

Studies connecting the school physical facility with student achievement are not new. Early research…

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A group of children sit on the floor cross legged, listening to the teacher read a story.

A arte de contar histórias

Adultos e crianças gostam de ouvir, imaginar e acompanhar uma história bem contada. Antes de tudo,…

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