Young unrecognisable female college student in class, taking notes and using highlighter. Focused student in classroom. Authentic Education concept.

Rethinking Evaluation Through Empathy

Assessment often feels like a necessary evil. We must evaluate our students’ competence; we must m…

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Juntos somos más fuertes

“Solos podemos hacer muy poco. Juntos podemos hacer mucho.” (Helen Keller) John Hattie es un…

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Close up of male student taking notes sitting at desk during lecture in college, focus on hand writing in notebook, copy space

Four Reasons to Bring Google Forms into the Classroom

Google Forms can do anything! It is an easy to use, easy to manage free web-based application that i…

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College Student Making Presentation In CAD/3D Printing Class

Leading When You Cannot Speak

As we draw closer to the return of Christ, it becomes more and more urgent for us as a people to ref…

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Mexican hipster man working with computer indoor at desk at home

TEACH Volume 12, Issue 2

Concern for the overall wellbeing of our children and adolescents is growing. In his editorial, Gra…

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Uplifting the Sacred Art of Music in the Classroom

I’ll never forget the day when my first-grade student walked into music class complaining about ho…

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Teacher helping young african boy with homework. Happy teacher helping her student at elementary school. Portrait of woman teaching to schoolchild in classroom. Elementary school teacher helping students.

The Grace to Teach

We must teach with grace because of grace, and by grace. What kind of grace? Scandalous grace! Grace…

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Mother Helping Son With Homework Sitting At Desk In Bedroom

Homeschooling: ¿Educación en casa o llevar a nuestros hijos a la escuela?

Que caiga mi enseñanza como lluvia y desciendan mis palabras como rocío, como aguacero sobre el pa…

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Flexible Seating: What, Why, and How!

Our students’ brains LOVE and NEED all these elements in the learning process: music, art, reading…

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