Author: Keri Conwell

Helping Students Deal with Disruptions Caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world reels from the novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19, educators, parents, and student…

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Helping Students Succeed in Online Courses

It may seem surprising that students often struggle in online courses. After all, our students are g…

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Preparing Students for College and Career

A few summers ago, I called all the high schools in the North American Division (NAD) on behalf of C…

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Helping Students Understand Grade Point Averages

A few years back, one of my high school Seniors told me that she wanted to know what she could do to…

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Successful young woman in modern office working on laptop.

Teaching Students about Alternatives to College

As educators, we frequently remind students of the value of attending traditional 4-year colleges, a…

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Target with arrows

SMART Goals: Helping Students Set Goals Effectively

Students often want to do better, but fail to improve because they don’t know how to set appropr…

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Tips for Using Prep Time Effectively

People generally picture teachers standing in front of a classroom. Teachers know, though, that teac…

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Helping Students Process Advice

As our students move through their school years, they are making some of the biggest decisions of th…

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