Author: Yanina Jimenez

Boosting Brain Function in the Classroom (Part 2)

As we discussed in Boosting Brain Function (Part 1), teachers can create an environment and spaces i…

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Boosting Brain Function in the Classroom (Part 1)

Teachers can work with the natural function of the brain to enhance learning in the classroom. Your…

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Flexible Seating: What, Why, and How!

Our students’ brains love and need a multitude of elements in the learning process, including musi…

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You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed how educators gather teaching ideas from a variety sources. Now, how do teac…

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You Can Be a Teacherpreneur! (Part 1)

Although grammatically incorrect, the word teacherpreneur is increasingly appearing in some extraord…

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