In Adventist News: January-March 2017


This quarter, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Close Encounters by David Pluviose
Curious about the new Bible curriculum? Check out these reasons why teachers and students love it! Article begins on page 8.

Learning Spaces – Designing for Flexibility by Colin Hill
This article takes “a brief look at what current research is suggesting and what technology is now available to help us create the most versatile spaces that will contribute to the success of our students.”

A Piece of My Mind by Danica Eylenstein
Do you spend unhealthy amounts of time on social media? This college student’s fasting experiment and reflection will cause you to examine your own habits. Great for sharing with the teens in your life as well! Article begins on page 15.

Is it Time (for Our Children) to Leave the Cities? by Miguel Crespo
Although many parents no longer consider sending their children away to boarding schools, perhaps now the experience is more valuable than ever, as influences in the cities continue to worsen.

Choosing a Classroom for Eternity by David and Sheila Beaudoin
Two parents share why they chose Adventist education for their children. Article is one page 29.

Protecting Our Children by Melissa Ponce-Rodas
Sexual abuse is a sensitive topic, but one that must be addressed. What can we, as a church, do?

Adventist Education Makes a Big Difference! by Isabelle Bagassien
Prioritizing their son’s spiritual needs, these parents chose an Adventist school instead of finding one better equipped to provide for his specific physical needs. Article is on page 29.

A Second Chance at Faith by Linda Strong
Expecting to retire into a life of leisure, this grandma ended up volunteering at a local Adventist school instead! She and her husband also determined to assist in keeping their grandchildren in Adventist education, something they had not done with their own children.

Seeking the Village by Lionel Matthews
Is the village mentality of raising children slipping away? The author argues that although what a village looks like may be changing, it is still very much present.

A Lifetime of Service by Debbie Michel
This tribute to a life spent ministering in education includes straightforward rationale on why parents should send their children to Adventist schools.

Success Factors for Our Schools by Don Livesay
Successful schools have many factors in common. Are the twelve listed here part of your local school?

A Pleasant Surprise by Cyril Hayde
Skeptical that an Adventist school would provide the strong academics he desired for his son, this father, now a Christian himself, soon became convinced of the opposite!

A Defence for Education (A Spoken Word) by David Barritt
Are your students struggling to see the worth and purpose of their education? These musings of a senior education student respond to such a statement. He concludes that we all defend our education just by living.

Plickers – A Simple and Affordable Student Response System by Laura Lui
Read how the Plickers app, “a paper-based clickers system that is virtually free, easy to use, and engaging for students” can create smooth transition times and encourage students to participate, all while providing real-time feedback for the teacher.

Secure Your Own Mask First by Ronda Ziakris
You have likely heard this phrase many times during the safety announcements of flights, but could it also symbolize you as a teacher? These practical tips will help you secure your own mask, so you can fully help your students.


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