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International Forum Volume 21, Number 1

International Forum

Diversity. It is a concept that has been growing within the journal over the past few years and is now evident in the many qualitative research papers and variety of topics, as well as authors from different institutions, regions of the world and academic backgrounds. In his editorial, Safary Wa-Mbaleka previews the articles in this issue of International Forum, the interdisciplinary research journal of the graduate school of AIIAS (Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies). Additional articles include:

Group of business people working together in office on desktop computerLiving Alone: The Experiences of Married Single Students in Higher Education by Phanuel Manizabayo and Prema Gaikwad
Regarding students who have elected to attend school alone while their spouses remain behind at home, “this phenomenological study explored the related decision-making process, effects on their families, impact of the students’ life abroad and their academic performance.”

Acculturation of Children as Experienced by Foreign Mothers Studying in the Philippines by Janet Odhiambo, Flor Marticio and Eunice Aclan
Many foreign students are drawn to the numerous internationally accredited higher education institutions in the Philippines. Some come with their families. This study explored the experiences of thirteen such mothers.

Emergent Themes in Marketing Theory and Practice Literature from 1957 to 2015: A Systematic Review by Innocent Sigauke and Kenneth Swansi
There is an apparent gap between marketing graduates’ confidence in marketing theory foundations and their confidence about marketing practice imperatives. This study looked for underlying themes to explain that gap.

Wish to WISHCRAFT: A Peek into an Environmentally Friendly School by Prema Gaikwad and Blessing Obaya
What can we do to be environmentally conscious at a local level? Find out as this “qualitative case research probes WISHCRAFT, the recycling project of a private school in the Philippines that does not only help heal the earth, but also provides opportunities for quality education of its less privileged students.”

Empowering Persons with Disabilities Through Training and Employment: A Case Study by Donie Ver Medalla and Bella Marie Medalla
“Empowering persons with disabilities (PWDs) involves ensuring their independence and self-reliance by creating job opportunities for them…This qualitative case study examined the effort of empowering PWDs through training and employment by ‘Handcrafted by Harl’s,’ a social enterprise in Laguna, Philippines.”

Big Data, Education, and Social Responsibility by Yaroslav Ovdiyenko
“This paper identifies education opportunities and challenges in the contemporary informational realm addressing certain issues related to big data. On the one hand, it can revolutionize academia by giving it a new life. On the other hand, it can be dangerous, deceiving, and even killing.”


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