Dialogue Volume 30, Number 2

College and University Dialogue

Just as its readers transition to different phases of their academic and professional careers, staff members of College and University Dialogue also experience change. In her editorial titled Transitions, Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy bids farewell to one of the team’s key members and introduces a new colleague. Additional articles in Volume 30, Number 2 include:

Addiction and Substance Abuse by Duane McBride
“Recovery from addiction and abuse begins with a recognition of the need to change, and it requires a wholistic approach that includes physical, mental, and spiritual health. Recovery needs to function within the framework of one’s culture. It also involves a sense of hope in and commitment to future educational, occupational, and professional success.”

Sand Dunes of the Sahara: How Should We Relate Scripture to Earth Science Questions? by Ronny Nalin
“A Christian scientist, while accepting the testimony of Scripture about God’s past intervention in Earth’s history, can still keep an open mind toward aspects of the geologic record that are unusual and different.”

Evangelism and Hate Speech: An Impossible Cohabitation by Ganoune Diop
“Evangelism cannot be used to denigrate others, trampling their dignity, and insulting their conscience and choices to believe or not to believe.”

From Gratuity to Grace: The Economy of Giving by Gabriel Monet
“Gratuity of things differs from gratuity of doing or being because giving graciously inevitably involves giving of oneself.”

Nothing to Fear…Except” – Understanding the Past and Applying It to the Future by David Trim
“The world church is currently embarked on an ambitious project to create a new Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists. Nine thousand articles are being written: They will incorporate current data but will be largely historical in nature. One goal is to ensure that large parts of Adventist history will be explored and accurately ‘mapped.’ If it is to succeed, the project needs to mobilize every Adventist scholar and many Adventist graduate and undergraduate students.”

Not Me, Not You, but God! Lessons from the Life of Joseph by Richard Sabuin
“Joseph’s enduring faith that God controls the affairs of humanity led him to overcome every trial. He seized the opportunity of standing before Pharaoh and used that moment to testify about his God.”

Lost and Found: A Journey of Hope by Jeconias Neto
“Even though I had a sad trajectory in the world of sin and crime, God made me victorious in Christ Jesus and showed me that real joy and pleasure comes from serving Him.”

Kenyatta University Adventist Students Build Their Church by Kigundu Ndwiga
Kenyatta University Seventh-day Adventist Church (KUSDA Church) is a modern-day miracle. It’s a miracle because out of small beginnings, it has grown into one of the largest Adventist churches in Kenya with more than 3,000 members, mostly university students.

This issue is also available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.


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