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In Adventist News: January 2019

In Adventist News

This month, North American Division publications included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Continuously Improving Adventist Education in the Southwestern Union by Carol Campbell
Southwestern Union’s VP for Education shares a “set of student outcomes that will serve as the driver for all teaching and learning.” Known as the 7 Cs, these outcomes include “Connection to God and Others, Citizenship, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication and Character.”

Woman reading online news on digital tablet, close up of hands using deviceOh, How I wish! by Corinne Lindberg
Looking back at over 30 years of teaching in the Adventist system, the author wishes she had chosen to attend an Adventist school as a high school student herself.

Learn Five Ways to Keep Germ-free at Home and Work by Janelle Ringer
Follow these practical tips to help stop the spread of illness this winter!

Hearing God’s Call by Beverley Bucknor
Inspired by Luke 18:15-16, this article reminds us that each child needs to meet Jesus.

Career and Calling by Kim Strobel
Read how Walla Walla University’s Student Development Center supports students as they choose and prepare for careers.

How to Build a Happy Life by Bradford Newton
Relationships are important in all areas of life. This article includes tips on how to improve your skills.

“They Made it Okay”: Grads Share Their Stories of Support from PUC’s Teaching and Learning Center by Becky St. Clair
Two students share how they found success in college with the help of their school’s TLC.

FACE: Free African Children Through Education by Charlene Masson
Read how Marta and Jim Roffrey found a calling in Africa to educate orphans in village Seventh-day Adventist schools. While others have now taken over the work, the couple’s legacy lives on.

New Lab Lets La Sierra Students Explore Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence Careers by Darla Martin Tucker
Learn how “La Sierra University computer science majors and other students now have an opportunity to prepare for careers in virtual reality and artificial intelligence sectors, which analysists predict will grow exponentially over the next several years.”

Dedicated to Education: How a Project Manager in Afghanistan Is Changing Lives Through Education by Laura Tester
Volunteer Javid Noori serves as the local project manager for A Better World Canada’s work in his native country of Afghanistan. Now completed, the 100 Classrooms Project is making a difference in the lives of children and their families in an area where educating females is especially powerful. More schools are needed!

Free Money to Fund Adventist University Education by Jeff Kapiniak
Do you know any young Canadian families who are interested in sending their children to an Adventist university someday? Read how the Registered Education Savings Plan can help make this a reality. For every $100 put into a RESP, the Canadian government adds $20-40 to be used for higher education. Other sources of funding may be available depending on location and family income. As always, interested parties should research the source directly for more information.


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